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Who Are You? Find a solution that is specific to you

A Foreign Entrepreneur

  • Set up a company in Singapore
  • Relocate to Singapore

Learn more about:

  • Singapore taxation system
  • Different type of Company formation (Branch / Subsidiary / Private Limited)

A Foreign Company Relocating to Singapore

  • Expand business to Asia
  • Tax benefits for a subsidiary / branch in Singapore

Learn more about:

  • Company formation in Singapore
  • How to relocate your staff to Singapore

An Expatriate with an Existing Employment

  • Already in Singapore, wants to start you own company
  • Transfer your current work visa to your own company

Learn more about:

  • Company formation with existing Employment pass
  • How to operate your new company while keeping your job

A Foreign Company / Foreigner located overseas operating a Singapore Company

  • Operate a Singapore company offshore
  • Engage a sales representative or operating officer in Singapore

Learn more about:

  • How to be qualified as a Singapore tax resident company
  • Is your offshore company considered OECD BEPS compliance to avoid tax evasion / avoidance

A Foreigner who wants to become Singapore Permanent Resident (PR)

  • Relocate to Singapore with family
  • Enable children to study in Singapore
  • Obtain Singapore Permanent Residency (PR)

Learn more about:

  • How to Set up a company in Singapore
  • How to Obtain a work visa / dependent pass
  • How to convert work visa to Permanent Residency (PR)

A High Networth Individual

  • Set optimal tax structure for investments and asset protection

Learn more about:

  • How your foreign source of income is tax free
  • No capital gain or estate tax for Singapore tax residents
  • Lower personal income tax, no capital gain and estate tax

A Shipping / Maritime Company

  • Register a ship in Singapore
  • Gain tax exemption for your shipping business

Learn more about:

  • What income is tax exempted under Singapore MPA incentive
  • How to register your ship under Singapore Flag

A Funds / Assets Management Company

  • Set up a hedge fund in Singapore for tax incentives
  • Relocate your fund manager to Singapore to explore new opportunities

Learn more about:

  • What income is tax exempted under Singapore incentive for fund management industry
  • Compliance work and special license requirements needed