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Have you ever dreamed of working in Singapore and hunting down all the hidden gems like a local? Something like soaking in the world's biggest rooftop infinity pool, and admiring the beauty of Singapore from 57 levels above the city, and having a thousand of artistic pictures with the Merlion Statue?

Despite being a tiny nation, Singapore has so much to offer. 30/90 days tourist visa might not be enough for you to tackle all the hidden gems. What is the best way in achieving your dream then? Visa runs? Is it a wise decision?

In fact, Singapore is an expatriate friendly country. If you are keen to work while exploring Singapore, there are a range of visas available for you.

Short Term Visit Pass (STVP)

Upon your arrival into Singapore, depends on your nationality, you will obtain a STVP that will grant you a stay between 30/90 days. There are possibilities for extensions. Kindly ensure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months from the day of your arrival. If you are in Singapore for a meeting, seminars, discussions, or on fact-finding missions, there is no need to apply for a Business Visa. You are allowed to partake in these activities with a STVP.

What is Visa Run?

Visa run is a brief trip over the international border to purposefully reset the visa validity of the originating country. This is very common between Singapore and Malaysia, and the timer resets when you exit one country and entry another. In case of leaving Singapore, the popular option is to leave via Singapore-Johor Causeway, spend a day and enjoy some shopping in Johar Bahru or see Legoland Malaysia, and again go back to Singapore for another 30/90 days.

If a foreigner finishes his 30 days of stay and tries to do a visa return (or U-turn), there are 50/50 that he’ll be questioned on purpose of Singapore stay. There might be a chance that he’ll be asked for an interview at the border and asked for questions like where will you accommodate? When do you leave as per your plan? What are you doing in Singapore? Where do you work and from where you get such money for a long vacation?

There are chances that some foreigners might not stop at first U-turn, but chances increase with every entry, and it’ll be practically 100% after 4-5 times that questions will be asked.

Then it’ll be a game of answers, but it’s hard to satisfy them or prove that you are an addicted tourist to Singapore if you have spent 3-4 months here.

In case you fail to convince the officer that you are a tourist, then the officer will refuse your entry (no matter you have a valid visa).

Types of Singapore Visa

That’s why, if you are looking for a long-term relocation in Singapore, the options proposed below will be a good alternative for you.

  • Employment Pass

Employment Pass (EP) is best for foreign professionals, executives, and managers or for those having relevant qualifications. To qualify for EP, your salary needs to be at least 4500 SGD (3,300 USD) per month. The validity of the EP is up to 2 years.

  • S Pass

S Pass is best for mid-level skilled staff who meets assessment criteria. As long as you earn at least 2,500 SGD (1,800USD) per month, you can apply for S Pass. The validity of S Pass is up to two years. S Pass is popular among employees who work in the entertainment, construction, manufacturing, marine shipyard, process, or service sectors.

  • Entre Pass

If you would like your business venture into the Singapore market, you can apply for Entre Pass. It’ll lead you to get permanent residence in Singapore as well.

If you would like to relocate to Singapore, our specialist from Paul Hype Page will more than happy to assist you with the relevant Singapore Visa. Contact us today!

Singapore Visa


To get started in Singapore, the first thing is to plan for your accommodation. Before you decide to rent or buy a house in Singapore, you can first settle down somewhere in the city (which is not cheap). To keep the cost down, you might opt for the hostel option for the first few days:  

  • Summer Tavern Hostel, which is in Clarke Quay, is one of the best options to consider for accommodation. Summer Tavern Hostel is highly recommended in many guidebooks like Lonely Planet. And the reason is clear – affordable price and attractive location. With Clarke Quay, Boat Quay, Raffles, and China Town all located at walking distance, no wonder Summer Tavern Hostel is a popular pick among travelers.   
  • Besides Tavern Hostel, Raffles Hostel is another popular choice among travelers. You should be smartly dressed if you want to go in.  
Want to Start business in Singapore
Want to Start business in Singapore

Getting connected in Singapore

Getting connected in Singapore is straightforward. Changi Airport provides free WI-FI. If you prefer to have Data on your phone, some major telecoms in Singapore that offer SIM Plan or Prepaid are as below:

  • Singtel
  • M1
  • Starhub
  • TPG Singapore,
  • redONE
  • ViViFi
  • Grid Mobile,
  • Zero 1
  • Zero Mobile

You can buy a SIM Card at the airport. If you miss it, the easiest way to obtain a SIM Card in Singapore is to purchase it from the major convenience stores like 7-eleven or Cheers, SingPost or StarHub Authorized Retailers.

Singapore Top-Rated Attractions

There are a million reasons that might inspire you in relocating to Singapore – lovely weather (summer all year round), high standard of living, and the ability to live and work in English are some of them. Not to mention the Singapore top-rated world-class attractions that are waiting for you to discover. Some of Singapore’s top-rated attractions are as below, be sure to check them out during your day off!

  • Marina Bay Sands
  • Garden by the Bay
  • Merlion fountain
  • Clarkes Quay and Boat Quay
  • Little India and China Town
  • Orchard Road
  • Sentosa Island
  • Universal Studio Singapore
  • Singapore Zoo


No matter you are looking for short term solutions to staying in Singapore, or long-term relocation solutions to Singapore, Paul Hype Page is familiar with the type of visa that can accommodate different nationalities and different purposes best. Not to mention, we are fully licensed and equipped to apply for long term stay or work visa solutions. Contact us to plan your visit or relocation.


7 Alternative to Visa Runs in Singapore FAQs

How can I check my visa validity?2020-10-14T16:30:25+08:00

The visa validity is printed on the visa. 

Can I apply for Singapore Visa Online?2020-10-14T16:30:07+08:00
Is Visa Run legal in Singapore?2020-10-14T16:29:36+08:00

Traveling across borders for tourism is not a crime. Nonethelessthis may be illegal you do visa runs to aid in work or living arrangements. For instance, it is against the law if you are working in Singapore on a tourist visa. You are not supposed to visa run to extend your stay in Singapore for work. 

How long can I stay in Singapore?2020-10-14T16:28:38+08:00

Depends upon your Nationality, can either be 30 or 90 days. The counting of the day started from the first day you step there (with the first full day being the day you step in). The countdown stops when you leave Singapore, and it resets for another 30 or 90 days once you again enter Singapore. This stay period doesn’t affect how many times you visit. For every tour there’s always 30/90 days are permitted.

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