Business Exploratory Trip to Myanmar

Expanding Your Business to Myanmar

If you’ve been following business news as of late, you’ve probably heard about the extraordinary economic expansion now taking place in Myanmar, or as it is sometimes called, Burma. The resource rich South East Asian nation was previously shut off from the world for several decades, under the isolated rule of a military Junta. Now, the Junta is out and democracy is in, along with economic reform and a thriving private sector.

Take A First Rate Business Tour to Myanmar

If you’re interested in doing business in Myanmar, you should consider taking an exploratory trip to meet with local business leaders, examine conditions on the ground, and learn more about the country in general. While Myanmar represents a great opportunity, it’s important to understand that risks are high and local challenges can be daunting. With Paul Hype’s expert services, you won’t have to worry about the tedious tasks of booking hotels, arranging transportation, or finding local experts and business contacts. Our trip includes:

  • 3 nights/ 4 days Accommodation
  • Access to a conference room
  • Sight Seeing Trips
  • Local Expert Speakers
  • A seminar room with tea and refreshments

* For 10 pax customers plus 1 pax client

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We Provide First Class Business Support Services

Assistance Setting Up Shop in Burma

Setting up business in a foreign country is a difficult and time consuming task. That’s where Paul Hype Page’s expertise and long list of local connections come in. We can help you get your feet on the ground and show you how to navigate the local business and regulatory environment. With the country having just recently opened up, companies have just started to enter en masses. While the local market is certainly heating up, there’s still room for more companies. Still, the unique challenges, such as finding real estate, navigating local legal frame works, and selecting local partners/ suppliers, can be daunting, especially for companies without any local expertise.

Inside Knowledge About Local Conditions

Through one of our exploratory trips you or your customers can learn about selected topics regarding doing business in Myanmar. We will arrange for local experts and insiders to come and talk to you about selected topics important to your business. We will arrange up to three local experts and will work closely with you to find the most relevant speakers available.

Follow Up Counseling Will Maximize Results

Your business exploratory tour will be just the first step for setting up shop in the fast expanding markets in Myanmar, and Paul Hype Page will be there to provide assistance at every step of the way. After your exploratory trip, we can help you answer questions and concerns, set up meetings and get in touch with potential partners, and provide a range of other follow up services. We are here to help, so if you need anything, feel free to get in touch!

Why Paul Hype Page & Co.?

As you can tell, this won’t be a mere retreat or vacation, but instead an educational experience that will help you and/or your customers build up knowledge of the local market and environment. The value added through our trips will easily outweigh the program fees and will help maximize chances of success. You can purchase a business trip for your own company, or resell the trip to your customers. When you sell trips to your customers, you set the price yourself. The program fee for 10 pax for customers, plus 1 free pax, (the minimum) is SGD 22,000. So if you or your customers are looking to learn more about Myanmar, check out our trip packages and come see Myanmar for yourself! A business exploritory trip could be the first step in a highly profitable venture for you and your company!