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Business / Family Trust

If you’re an Australian, by setting up a trust, you may lower your tax liability as beneficiary (becoming a Singapore Tax Resident), as they are non taxable. We understand that’s a really important factor as a businessman / investor. You may lower down your tax liability by transferring your business to a Singapore Trust with the following:

  • Decrease tax liability by transferring your business to a singapore trust

Singapore has made major step in modernizing the Trust law in Singapore and to boost Singapore’s effort to establish itself as a centre wealth management and offshore trusts. At Paul Hype Page & Co , Public Accountant , we assist to set up a trust to achieve our client’s goal on asset protection and business success planning

Paul Hype Page & Co, our services pertained to Trust are as following:
(i) the provision of services in relation to the creation of an express trust;
(ii) arrangement for any person to act as a trustee in respect of an express trust; and
(iii) procedural and non-discretionary trust administration services which relate to the drafting of accounting documentation and the giving of professional accountancy advice.

Asset Protection Trust

Asset Protection  trust where the main objective is to prevent claims against one’s assets from creditors.

Why Asset Protection Trust?

A person’s exposure to potential liabilities can arise through many unexpected situation or under what deemed as normal business arrangement as followings:

Being a partner in a partnership

Being a company director from negligence or breach of director’s duties

Breach of contract , tort and negligence

Mortgage or loan defaults

Who is Suitable for Asset protection trust
1) Professional that at risk of lawsuit
2) Businessman
3) Person seeking  asset protection from adverse claim such as future divorce proceeding

Singapore Private Trust Company

The Singapore Private trust company is best described as a hybrid company cum trust that bears the features of a company.

Why Singapore Private Trust Company?
In a traditional trust form requires the settlor or business owner to give up ownership over certain assets to someone else, in the PTC , the business owner is shifting his assets into a special purpose vehicles where his family members that can be “Owners”

Who is Suitable for Singapore Private trust company?

The PTC is suitable for a trust for a family trust to address concerns such as :
– Succession of wealth of the family

– Asset protection and avoiding adverse claims eg: business creditors, divorce and family feuds

Insurance Trust

It is a trust where life insurance policy is designed with the ownership of a policy and when settled for purposes of estate planning , assets protection and succession planning.

Why Insurance Trust?
1) If a life policy settled in trust could prevent minor beneficiaries from having control of the proceeds under the policy until they are mature enough
2) When a policy settled into a trust and under certain conditions , a life policy is an asset that can be protected against creditor claims
3) The proceeding from the policy can be paid to beneficiaries without waiting for probate or letters of administration.

Who is suitable for Life Insurance Trusts

1) Policy holder where their beneficiaries are majority minor
2) Policy holder who wants to protect his life policy from being assigned or creditors due to adverse situations
3) Policy holder who wants an independent third party to carry out professionally according to his instructions as planned.