Various countries across Asia provide ample opportunities for business expansion. Companies from all countries and of all sizes have been taking advantage and expanding there. This is because these countries are currently experiencing significant economic growth, making them conducive to business.

The Business Opportunities Overseas

Business Opportunities in Asia

Asia is quickly becoming the world’s engine for economic growth, so it should come as no surprise that many companies are now setting up shop across the region! China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, and other Asian countries are now popular destinations for global multinational corporations. Launching a business in a new country, however, is easier said than done. That’s where we come in. Paul Hype Page can help you understand the unique conditions in each country and help you get off to a fast start! We can set up exploratory business trips, provide key information and consulting services, and even help you establish a local corporation. Companies will face unique challenges and hurdles in each country they enter into but we can help you navigate the local business and regulatory environments. This will allow you to set up operations quickly, while keeping costs and delays to a minimum. We also have a wealth of contacts across Asia, so we know who to get you in touch with and who can help out. Working with knowledgeable people on the ground is absolutely essential when setting up operations in a new country. Our connections could turn out to be the difference between a strong and successful start or sputtering out.

Benefits of Paul Hype Page & Co.

  • Professional services from knowledgeable professionals
  • Years of on-the-ground experience and connections to relevant markets
  • Huge wealth of legal and regulatory knowledge
  • Large number of local contacts

Business is Booming Across Asia

It’s a great time to expand your business footprint in Asia. While markets in North America and Europe have been stagnating in recent years, economies across Asia have been recording rapid growth, and that means the demand for goods and services is high. Further, many Asian governments are now working to modernize and liberalize the legal and business frameworks in their respective countries. This will create even more opportunities for businesses.

Benefits to Investing in Asia:

  • High growth economies
  • Governments are ramping up public investments
  • Labor is cheaper in many locales
  • Consumer and business demand is on the rise


China Is An Emerging Economic Super Power

China is already the world’s second largest economy and regularly enjoys economic growth rates in excess of 7%. China’s middle class is also one of the largest and fastest growing in the world, and business needs are soaring, so make sure you don’t get left behind! The Chinese government is not taking its position for granted either, and is now working to liberalize regulations and to scale down the government’s presence in the economy.  This will create a huge number of opportunities for savvy businesses. Paul Hype Page can help you navigate the fast changing regulatory environment in China, and connect you with valuable local partners.


Myanmar Offers One of Asia’s Last “Frontier” Economies

Myanmar, or Burma as it is sometimes called, has become one of the world’s hottest business destinations in recent months. After decades of being largely cut off from the world, Myanmar has opened its borders and is now working feverishly to attract foreign direct investment. There are opportunities in everything from oil & gas, to consumer goods and real estate development, so it should come as no surprise that companies have been working to ramp up their presence in Myanmar. Despite the many opportunities, however, there are numerous challenges.  The regulatory environment is still solidifying, and the government is adjusting to its new roll.  Meanwhile, Myanmar’s legal system is still adapting, while finding anything from office space to basic supplies can be difficult. And that’s where our inside information and network of contacts can come into play!


The Rest of Asia is Also Booming!

Other countries, such as Malaysia and Vietnam, are currently driving ahead with economic reform and modernizations. Upgrading infrastructure, improving education and skills, increasing the use of the internet, and otherwise making the business environment more attractive has become a priority for national governments in Asia. We can help you understand where there are unique opportunities and government programs that your business may be eligible for. Or we can set you up with local partners who can help you understand local conditions. Contact us to learn more!