Myanmar 's Business Opportunity

Myanmar a Country of Opportunities

Prior to the fall of the last government, Myanmar (Burma) was the second-richest country in all of Southeast Asia. During the ousted government, however, the country also saw one of its worst days, economically. Fortunately, with the recent 2012 elections, things have started to turn around for Myanmar when Aung San Suu Kyi, the widely-known reformist leader, made an excellent entry into the political scene of the country. After the 2012 elections, substantial reforms have helped increase business opportunities in Myanmar. As a result of these reforms, several developments have kick-started in Myanmar.

The investment opportunity has never been greater than now as Myanmar is in the verge of many developments.

It’s been said that 2013 will be the BUSIEST year for foreign investors in Myanmar because several industries such as the Hospitality industry are opening up and they’re still in early years of it development. The early investors who can take advantage of these industries will be the high gainers in years to come. Similarly, due to the nations varying weather, government will likely bid for projects to develop “Skiing in the north” and “Scuba Diving south” – what an excellent way to invest you money right now. Plus, there is also scope for the development of accommodation in various areas including Bagan, Mandalay, Yangon, and Ngapali Beach. So as tourism expands, additional hotels and resorts will be needed throughout the country.

Popular Industries in Myanmar

In addition, several investment opportunities exist in wood, farming, fishing, trekking, and export industries too.

1. Business opportunities in Wood industry – With the presence of ECO forestry policy, hardwood like Teakwood, Padauk, and Yamane are very sustainable. Similarly Cane and Bamboo are VERY plentiful too.

2. Business opportunity in Farming industry – In Myanmar, much of the countryside are usually farmed producing plenty of pulses, rice, vegetables, and fruits, including grapefruit, avocados, tangerines, and mangoes, etc.

3. Investment opportunity in the Fishing Industry – Fishing is well-known in Myanmar as there are numerous Prawn and Fish farms running in the country. The Andaman Sea, for example, is rich with “marine life.” Pearls are plentiful too.

4. Myanmar offers diverse delights for Foreign Investors – Similarly, Myanmar has high hills, tall mountains, and river to offer plenty opportunity to start a business here. Travel agencies, for example, may take tourists for trekking, sight-seeing, and even mountain climbing expeditions around the snow-capped mountains on the hill, while others can cruise on a luxury yacht on the warm and deep blue Ayeyawady River in the south.

5. Myanmar is among the safest countries in the world – Myanmar is the ideal holiday destination for many tourists as it is considered to be one of the SAFEST countries in the world having FRIENDLY people around.

6. Myanmar has HUGE reserves of natural resources – Myanmar is blessed with HUGE reserves of natural resources such as rice, oil timber, gas, precious gems, and fish among others. The BEST things about these natural reserves are that they have remained UNTOUCHED over all the years. So, early foreign investors are likely to take the full advantage of these natural resources for HUGE profits.


The main reason why MOST foreign investors are still skeptical about investing in Myanmar is because they’re COMPLETELY unaware of the HUGE business potential in the country. They have NO idea about the trade policies, rules and regulations, legal practices of doing business in Myanmar. Moreover, another major barrier still exist preventing foreign investors from starting a business in Myanmar – i.e. the language barrier. Burmese language is quite difficult to understand. Plus, finding a “local translator” could be a hell of a task too. When foreign investors go and approach these so-called local translators for guidance, they usually get swindled for quick little gains. Therefore, we highly recommend that you approach an expert and genuine partner to help you set up a business in Myanmar who has a strong relationship with the government officials of the country. If you’re looking to start a lucrative business in Myanmar, then Paul Hype Page & co. can help you seize the opportunities to do so. Need further advice? Be sure to fill in Our Form at our Contact Us Page or Call Us at + (65) 6221 4711. Learn more about other Business Opportunities in China here.