Some family members of a Singapore visa holder might sometimes be brought to Singapore through a Dependant’s Pass. Occasionally, the Dependant’s Pass holder might desire to become an Employment Pass holder while in Singapore.

Hold an Employment Pass and a Dependant’s Pass at the same time?

The Employment Pass (EP) is one of the work visas which any foreigner who plans to live and work in Singapore may possibly receive. It is the work visa which is the most commonly issued of all work visas of Singapore. Only those who have fulfilled the requirements for Employment Pass eligibility are permitted to receive one.

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Employment Pass Eligibility Criteria

The government of Singapore introduced the Employment Pass in order to make it easier for foreign workers of an above-average skill level to be able to live and work in Singapore. A foreigner who is to be eligible for an Employment Pass must have a job which pays a monthly salary of at least S$4,500; however, those with greater levels of qualifications require a larger monthly salary. One who is to be eligible for this crucial visa is also to have obtained the necessary educational and employment qualifications and experience; those of whom such is not the case will find that their application for an Employment Pass will be denied by the authorities. One may use the Self-Assessment Tool (SAT) which has been provided by the Ministry of Manpower in order to determine if one is likely to receive an Employment Pass. The validity period of an Employment Pass is two years. When an Employment Pass is renewed, its validity is extended by three years.

Any Employment Pass holder who earns at least S$6,000 per month is allowed to request that the holder’s employer apply for a Dependant’s Pass on behalf of as many eligible members of their family as desired.


Dependant’s Pass

A Dependant’s Pass (DP) is a relocation visa which certain family members of Singapore visa holders may receive. Eligible family members of any foreigner who is a holder of an Employment Pass, an S Pass, an EntrePass, or a Personalized Employment Pass (PEP) qualify for a DP. Such family members include the legal spouse of the work visa holder as well as any of the visa holder’s biological or adopted children who are 21 years old or younger. A Dependant’s Pass is valid for as long as the related Singapore work visa holder actively works in Singapore. Every Dependant’s Pass holder has permission to enter and leave Singapore while disregarding the usual requirement which stipulates applications for separate Singapore entry visas.

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All holders of Singapore work visas are permitted to apply for a Dependant’s Pass for family members after fulfilling the necessary requirements. Only the holders of certain passes are permitted to apply for a DP on behalf of family members. These passes are the S Pass, Employment Pass, EntrePass, and PEP. Anyone who intends to bring family members to Singapore by way of the Dependant’s Pass must also earn at least S$6,000 per month and also be sponsored by a company which has been registered in Singapore. After due approval has been granted, all applications may either be submitted simultaneously or separately if more than one application is to be made.


Simultaneous Ownership of an S Pass and an Employment Pass

The visa laws of Singapore specify that anyone who is a holder of a Dependant’s Pass is to have it cancelled if the Dependant’s Pass holder were ever to obtain either an S Pass or an Employment Pass. The eligibility criteria for a Dependant’s Pass differ from those of the Employment Pass and the S Pass. Therefore, it would be impossible for a DP holder to hold an Employment Pass at the same time because the legal framework of the country as it pertains to visas forbids such a circumstance from taking place.