Some family members of a Singapore visa holder might sometimes be brought to Singapore through a Dependant’s Pass. Occasionally, the Dependant’s Pass holder might desire to become an S Pass holder while in Singapore.

Hold an S Pass and a Dependant’s Pass at the same Time

Among the visas which may be owned by any foreigner in Singapore are the S Pass and the Dependant’s Pass. Just as is the case with any other visa which is valid in Singapore, foreigners who plan to obtain either of these visas must complete the necessary legal procedures before receiving the visa.


S Pass

The S Pass is a visa which was created for foreign employees of medium-level skill who work in Singapore. To be eligible for an S Pass, a foreigner must have received a job offer in Singapore which will pay a monthly salary of S$2,300 or more. The validity period of an S Pass is two years. During each renewal of an S Pass, its validity will be extended by three years.

S Pass holders who earn a minimum of S$6,000 every month are permitted to make a request of their employer to apply for a Dependant’s Pass on behalf of one or more eligible members of their families.

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Dependant’s Pass

A Dependant’s Pass (DP) is the relocation visa granted to certain family members of Singapore visa holders. A DP may be issued to the family members of any foreigner who is a holder of an Employment Pass, an S Pass, an EntrePass, or a Personalized Employment Pass (PEP). The validity of a Dependant’s Pass lasts for the entire duration of the related Singapore work visa holder’s active employment in Singapore. Anyone who is a DP holder has permission to enter and exit Singapore while bypassing the usual requirement for separate Singapore entry visa applications.

Holders of Singapore work visas have the legal right to apply for a Dependant’s Pass for family members if certain requirements are fulfilled. As has been mentioned, only the holders of certain passes are permitted to make a DP application on behalf of family members; these passes are the S Pass, Employment Pass, PEP, and EntrePass. Anyone who is planning to bring family members to Singapore through the use of one or more DPs must also earn a minimum of S$6,000 every month while also being sponsored by a company which has been registered in Singapore. Should the employer of a work visa holder give approval, the employer may either opt to submit all applications (if there are more than one) simultaneously or separately.

Family members who are allowed to be brought to Singapore through the use of a DP include the legally married spouse of the work visa holder as well as any of the work visa holder’s children who are below the age of 21. Biological and adopted children alike qualify for this condition.


Simultaneous Ownership of an S Pass and a Dependant’s Pass

According to current Singapore visa laws, anyone who is a holder of a Dependant’s Pass is legally required to cancel it upon the receiving of either an S Pass or an Employment Pass. Such is the case because the Dependant’s Pass has different eligibility criteria to those of the Employment Pass and the S Pass. Therefore, in certain situations, it would be contradictory for one to hold both passes at the same time. For this reason, a person who is in Singapore through a DP is not allowed to continue holding the DP after receiving an S Pass.

Another work visa which may be used by those eligible in Singapore is the Employment Pass. The Employment Pass is the most commonly used work visa in the country. We at Paul Hype Page & Co have therefore taken note of the high demand for this visa and have thus provided services which permit anyone who is eligible for an Employment Pass to apply for and receive one in due time. Should you be currently desiring an Employment Pass of your own, we will be willing to work with you in order to ensure that you will receive this coveted visa through a method in line with the visa requirements of Singapore.