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Decisions made by ACRA during the Incorporation process be Overturned

The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) oversees all company incorporation in Singapore. It is the governing body from which all companies in the country must receive approval before any business operations may commence. ACRA is tasked with making many decisions during the process of company incorporation. However, at certain points, these decisions often have to be reversed. Sometimes they have to be reversed because ACRA believes that they had overlooked a violation or error during a previously approved portion of the incorporation process. At other times, the decisions made by ACRA may sometimes be changed by the company owner if the owner has received due approval from ACRA to do so.


Why ACRA Might Overturn Decisions Made

There are several reasons why ACRA might choose to overturn a decision which has been made in relation to the incorporation of any particular company. Among the most common of these reasons is in response to an appeal which has been made. It is often the case that a company owner disagrees with a decision made by ACRA. If ACRA makes the judgement that the company owner is indeed in the right, it will rescind the decision which it had previously made and rule in favor of the company owner. If ACRA has detected any wrongdoing on the part of the company owner or anyone related to the company after it has provided its approval for incorporation, it is likely that this approval will be duly reversed owing to the misconduct on the part of those to be in charge of the company.


Appealing to ACRA

Company owners who intend to appeal a decision made by ACRA may do so through the appropriate methods. They must first supply ACRA with their contact details so that ACRA

may contact them whenever necessary. They are also to provide any relevant documents alongside the appeal form which are connected to the purpose of the appeal. The appeal form contains spaces for supporting documents, contact details of the business owner, the reasons for the appeal, and the nature of the appeal. After ACRA has received the appeal form, it will then begin to consider the appeal. It usually takes approximately two months for a decision regarding the appeal to be made.

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Why a Company Owner Might Alter Decisions Made by ACRA

Company owners are, of course, not permitted to change the major decisions which have been made by ACRA. However, they are allowed to change minor details about the company, then submit these changes to ACRA for approval. Over the course of the conducting of the business, the business owner will often discover that there are instances in which company details such as its name as well as its allotment of shares must be changed. Updates to the company’s constitution as well as identities of the company’s shareholders are also to be submitted to ACRA. Such submissions are the task of the company secretary.

We at Paul Hype Page & Co understand that it may not always be easy to hire a suitable person who will serve as the company secretary of your company. Therefore, we will select a competent and reliable company secretary on your behalf in order to spare you from the difficulty of searching for a person who is suitable for this important role. Through our assistance, you will not only have fulfilled this regulatory compliance requirement, but also be more able to concentrate on directly operating your company.