Hold an Employment Pass and a Dependant’s Pass at the same Time

The Employment Pass (EP) is one of the work visas which any foreigner who plans to live and work in Singapore may possibly receive. It is the work visa which is the most commonly issued of all work visas of Singapore. Only those who have fulfilled the requirements for Employment Pass eligibility are permitted to receive one.

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Owning an Employment Pass and a Dependant’s Pass at the same time

The visa laws of Singapore specify that anyone who is a holder of a Dependant’s Pass is to have it cancelled if the Dependant’s Pass holder were ever to obtain either an S Pass or an Employment Pass.

The reasons are

  1. The eligibility criteria for a Dependant’s Pass differ from those of the Employment Pass.
  2. The Employment pass allows the foreigner to stay and work in Singapore. While Dependant pass does not allow the foreigner to work but rather just to reside in Singapore with a family member who has an Employment pass.
  3. The government also have to identify the foreigner’s status while they are residing in Singapore, having more than one pass will just complicate matters

Therefore, it would be impossible for a DP holder to hold an Employment Pass at the same time because the legal framework of the country as it pertains to visas forbids such a circumstance from taking place.

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Employment Pass

Singapore’s Employment Pass (EP) is a work visa which lets foreign professionals, managers, executives, and specialists live and work in Singapore. Acquiring an EP involves a careful approach with regard to the strict EP requirements and the Ministry of Manpower’s latest regulations.

Dependant’s Pass

A Dependant’s Pass (DP) is a relocation visa which certain family members of Singapore visa holders may receive. Eligible family members of any foreigner who is a holder of an Employment Pass, an S Pass, an EntrePass, or a Personalized Employment Pass (PEP) qualify for a DP.

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