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Usefulness of Accounting & Financial Report

Accounting is something that probably everyone has heard of but not everyone truly understands. It can be said that accounting is one of the main prerequisites for successfully running a company and has several functions. First, it serves as a source of information for the inner members of the company who thus know how to […]

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Practical Pricing for Accountants (Part 4)

Overcoming Price Anxiety Even the best laid plans might not exactly work out the way you want them to. Sometimes, despite all the ground work you’ve planned out, you might still face clients with price anxiety. This is used to describe a client who is facing many uncertainties with the pricing and is undecided on […]

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Practical Pricing for Accountants (Part 3)

Let’s Talk About Price Now that you have a general idea on price strategy and value of your service, you also need to think about discussing price with your client. For most people, this is the least enjoyable aspect of building client relations because no one wants to be seen as a debtor chasing people […]

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Practical Pricing for Accountants (Part 2)

Fixing The Best Price There is no rocket science involved in fixing the best price for a service. Often, clients are happy to pay the amount they feel best represents the value they are receiving for that particular service. Firstly, though, it would be expedient to backtrack a little and look at how one should […]

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Practical Pricing for Accountants (Part 1)

Providing a service is very dissimilar to selling a product that can be held, felt and manually used by clients. Often, the value from the use of products is instantaneous and clients gauge its usefulness by the product’s ability to help them perform tasks in an effective and efficient manner. However, the effect of service […]

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10 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Accounting Functions

In the modern business world, one concept keeps cropping up more and more often and that is the element of outsourcing functions in any given organisation. Business owners and industry leaders now realise that even outsourcing your accounting function will lead to many benefits in the future. Outsourcing used to be only for functions that […]

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