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Singapore Time

Is Singapore in the Correct Time Zone? Customarily, a time zone of a region is determined by its geographical location but for Singapore, it is an exception. Going by geographic division of time zones around the world, Singapore falls within the GMT+7 region, but has changed to (GMT+8). So how did Singapore get to this moment in time? Let’s briefly look […]

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MNC in Singapore

Multinational Corporation in Singapore What is a Multinational Corporation? A Multinational Corporation/ company (MNC) is a large organisation that has operations in numbers of countries. They are large companies that are managed by professionals who do not own the company. MNCs are very important as they have a lot of influence & can provide many advantages. […]

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Singapore public holiday 2019

Singapore is a huge melting pot of diverse cultures, and over the years, the public holidays in the country has grown to accommodate and include this diversity. Public holiday is a day that everyone is more than happy to embrace. Any added day off is celebrated widely by people, and it is not difference with […]

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Why Go For Business Opportunities In Singapore?

Singapore is a country with the largest foreign currency reserve per capita, it offers the best in terms of education, the best healthcare and the list goes on and on. Over a period of 40 years, Singapore has established itself as one of the top destinations for investors to take up business opportunities. It is […]

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5 Business Ideas to Avoid in Singapore

We all know that Singapore, in Asia, is a good place for both foreign individuals as well as local residents to seek out investment opportunities and for incorporating companies for their businesses? Even though they may be considered difficult at first, and expensive, you they still give you huge gains in the long run and […]

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Have You Considered Your Company Chances of Survival?

So you were thinking of starting a brand new business in Singapore, but have you ever thought about its chances of survival? Every year, tens of thousands of businesses enter as well as exit the marketplace. Keeping track of their births as well as their deaths can be overwhelming. Business Registration in Singapore – Your […]

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