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Tax Haven Companies and Their Advantages

An investor or business owner looking to profit from reduction or relatively low tax levels would think of operating an offshore company in a tax haven. This basically gives foreign investors the ability to enjoy low tax rates where otherwise they might have to submit to high tax levels in their home country. While many […]

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Facts About BVI Companies

When a person thinks about the British Virgin Islands, it is often that the thought of tax haven comes to mind. Maybe it is because we have been thoroughly exposed to movies and books that have given us the impression that there is something shady, illegal and not quite morally right about tax havens but […]

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The Different Categories of Tax Havens

Tax havens themselves come in different categories. For instance, certain countries might have jurisdiction that does not require companies to pay taxes at all. This is commonly known as no-tax havens. Then again, there are those which only tax based on income derived locally i.e. any income from local operations. You also have tax havens […]

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