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Company Resolutions in Singapore

What is a Company Resolution? A company resolution is a kind of formal decision made by the directors or shareholders when they meet to make crucial decisions regarding the company’s matters. This decision can be taken at the meeting of the board of directors or the shareholders. The requirements for the written resolution are stated in the Companies Act. All the resolutions must abide by the conditions stated in the Companies Act. The resolution is passed if the majority of the […]

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Reasons to Avoid Setting Up a Company in Singapore

Singapore is one of the countries usually deemed to be a world-class location for company incorporation. Among the reasons for the city-state’s business-friendly status is the general lack of bureaucracy which has been praised by the World Bank. Corporate tax rates and income taxes in Singapore are also low, there are no capital gains taxes, and chargeable income may receive certain tax exemptions. It […]

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Singapore Startup

Starting or incorporating a Singapore Company, or a new Singapore startup to be reality can be tough, and sometimes expensive. With that being said, the rate of start-ups failing within the first few months, if not years after incorporation is quite common. Reason for such failure is often contributed to the fact that the companies have limited funds and working capital to realize their […]

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Next Steps After You Have Registered A Company in Singapore

What’s next after a Singapore Company Incorporation Are you an individual seeking business opportunities in Singapore? Are you a foreign company planning to start a subsidiary in the country? Good, because in either case you should be familiar with what comes after you have gone through the process to register a Singapore company, as there […]

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Singapore Entrepreneurship Development

Singapore is a good option if you are an entrepreneur located outside of the country and looking to start a business in a jurisdiction which provides low taxation, easy and straight-forward system of setting up a company and an open government, which tries to do its best to help starting entrepreneurs register a Singapore company […]

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Benefits to Register a Company in Singapore

You may be wondering why in the world you should register your company in Singapore and not anywhere else. There are several benefits to incorporating in this country, which make the country stand out from the others. According to the World Bank, Singapore is the #1 country in terms of ease of running a business and conducting […]

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