According to the Companies Act, every company in Singapore which is owned by a foreigner must select a person who is to serve as the nominee director of the company. However, some might be wondering if every company which has been incorporated in the country also required a nominee director.

Nominee Director in Singapore

Directors play extremely important roles within any company in Singapore. This is because in many cases, directors of a company are the only people who are permitted to perform certain tasks which are essential to the proper operation of the company. In Singapore, every company which has been registered in the country is required to have at least one director who is a resident of Singapore. This requirement is specifically mentioned in the Companies Act. However, in certain cases, there is no person who is a resident of Singapore which the owner of a company might deem suitable to be a director of the company in question. In such instances, the appropriate course of action to be taken is that of hiring a nominee director.

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When must a Nominee Director be Hired in Singapore?

If a foreigner owns a company which has been incorporated in Singapore but is not able to select a resident of Singapore who is suited to become a director of the new company, then the foreigner can choose to hire a person who will serve as one of the company’s directors for a given fee. Such a director is known as a nominee director; however, some foreign-owned companies which are based in Singapore occasionally prefer to use the term “local director” instead. The nominee director of a Singapore-based company must either be a citizen or permanent resident of Singapore. This nominee director is also required to have a permanent address which is located in Singapore. A nominee director does not play any role in the operations of a Singapore company. The appointment of a nominee director is made purely to satisfy the regulatory requirements which exist in Singapore. Thus, it is not compulsory for every company in Singapore to have a nominee director. Only foreign-owned companies which do not have a local director are required to select a person to serve as a nominee director.

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How a Foreigner Can Become a Director of an Owned Company?

Certain foreign business owners in Singapore might be interested in becoming the director of the company which they own. However, before they may do so, they must first become residents of Singapore. Any foreigner who may have an intention to become a resident of Singapore must first obtain one of two work visas which are valid in Singapore: these are the Employment Pass and the Entrepreneur Pass. Once either of these two visas have been obtained, a foreigner who owns a company based in Singapore may become one of the directors of that company. Nevertheless, a nominee director must be appointed for the period between company incorporation and the point at which the foreigner receives the visa.

If a visa which can be used in Singapore is what you desire, we at Paul Hype Page & Co are able to serve your needs. We have helped many people who have sought an Employment Pass to receive one and subsequently become a resident of Singapore. Once we have enabled you to receive your Employment Pass, you will be able to take advantage of the many benefits afforded to residents of Singapore.