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Do I Need an Employment Pass in Singapore?

If you hope to establish a Singapore company, you’ll need to take steps to understand every aspect of the business community including how to hire employees in this area. An employment pass in Singapore is one of those important tools. It is important for business owners who are incorporating their organisation here to understand the rules and processes to ensure that it goes well. The good news is that the country does not make it too hard to actually establish a business here nor to run it with well qualified employees.

What Is a Singapore Employment Pass?

Do I Need an Employment Pass in Singapore

For those who are hiring non-resident employees who will work in Singapore, it is important for the business to ensure that they have a valid work pass. This is also known as a work visa. There are many requirements for employees working in the country, but these are organized by the type of work they will do.

An Employment Pass is necessary for any foreign professional, executive, or manager that will earn $3600 a month or more and has acceptable qualifications. Other options, such as EntrePass, is a type of pass provided to people who are foreign entrepreneurs who want to start and operate a business in the country. A Personalized Employment Pass is for high earning existing Employment Pass holders or those who are overseas foreign professionals. It provides the highest level of flexibility for foreign companies operating in Singapore. Should you need assistance locating a suitable job, there are plenty of employment agencies in Singapore who will be able to assist.

Once your EP application has been approved, EP Holders will be allowed to legally work and live in Singapore in their designated positions.

What If You Are Just Registering in the Country?

For business owners who are registering their company in Singapore but will not have an actual physical location in the country, there are no requirements for Employment Passes. You can set up a company in Singapore and operate its products or services from any other destination in the world. This can provide you, as a business owner, with the benefits of making the move to the country but also allows you to access all of the employment you need locally.

Are You In Need of Employees?

Register Employment Pass

No matter where you plan to do business, employees are a factor. If you plan to bring employees in from international countries to work for your company that’s registered in Singapore, you’ll need to select the right type of Employment Pass based on the skills and earning power of the individual. You’ll also need to work to ensure these work permits and visas remain in place long enough for the individual’s needs or for long term needs. Successful Employment Pass applications will depend on the candidate meeting all the necessary criteria.

It can seem confusing to move your business to a new country and then to have to manage the details of how to run it, such as handling employment laws in Singapore. However, there are companies that can help you with this process. You’ll want to work hand-in-hand with these companies to ensure every aspect of your move is an easy one. It takes a bit of time and patience to learn the new rules, but it can be very worthwhile.

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karuppaiyan balasubramanian says:

Dear Sirs,
I am a citizen of india and the age of 54 with good health .I am a family man surviving with my wife age of 51 and my son age of 21.My wife is housewife and my son is studying final year bachelor degree .Myself is diploma in gemology and having gemological self consultant experience of 21 years and teaching of gemology.Please advise me to work in singapore.

Paul Hype Page says:

Hi Karuppaiyan,

Our company is specialized in incorporation, employment pass and accounting services. If you are keen into setting up your own company in Singapore, we will be happy to assist you on this manner. Please call us at 6221-4711 for more information or drop us an email so that we can discuss further.



Norizuddin says:

Hi Paul,

I’m a Malaysian working in Singapore with Employment Pass under my employment of Malaysian company. After awhile working in Singapore I’m thinking of opening up a sole proprietorship company in Singapore to start a small business and opening an account in Singapore for any business transactions. Really appreciate if you could advise me how to do about and what are the requirements for me to do that. By the way to add some difficulty that I’m staying in hotel all this while without any residents address in Singapore.

Your kind assistance is highly appreciated.

Best Regards,

Paul Hype Page says:

Dear Norizuddin,

To start a sole-proprietorship, you as a foreigner will need to stay outside of Singapore while appointing at least one local representative. Alternatively, you can set up a private limited company and apply for an employment pass as director or manager position for yourself. Please allow our representative get in touch with you for more details.