Many people from all corners of the world have made the decision to come to Singapore for work purposes. This is to be expected as there are many advantages which may be gained by a foreigner who has chosen to live and work in Singapore. The country has one of the highest standards of living, is well-connected to the rest of the world, taxes are at low rates, does much to protect the rights of its workers, and is one of the safest countries in the world.

Renewal of Singapore Employment Pass

What is an Employment Pass

The Employment Pass is the visa which is commonly issued to foreigners who plan to live and work in Singapore. However, before these foreigners are permitted to receive and use the EP, they are to fulfill specific criteria which have been specified by the government of Singapore. Read our in-depth explanation on the Singapore employment pass and the criteria for approval.

Renewal of an Employment Pass

EP holders who renew their respective EPs often choose to do so for any of several reasons. Most who do so plan to renew their EPs because they intend to continue living and working in Singapore in a similar manner as they had already been. EP renewals are typically conducted by the foreign worker’s employer or employment agent.

WHEN TO APPLYBetween six months and two weeks before the date of expiryThree months and two weeks before the date of expiry
Submission platformEP Online PortalMail to Ministry of Manpower, Work Pass Division
Want to Start business in Singapore
Want to Start business in Singapore

How to Renew an EP

  1. All EP renewals are to be completed by using the renewal forms which are used by Employment Pass (Sponsorship) holders.
  2. EP holder’s supporting documents are to be collected.
  3. The completed form and supporting documents are to be mailed to the Work Pass Division of the Ministry of Manpower.
  4. The application must also contain the contact details of another person. It is this person who will receive the information regarding MOM’s decision on renewal.
  5. Prior to the official renewal of the EP, Should the renewal be approved, the applicant will receive an interim document, the In-Principle Approval Letter.
  6. Each IPA letter has a validity period of three months. It includes a set of instructions that must be followed before the applicant’s EP may be renewed.
  7. The issuance of the renewed EP must take place before either the IPA or current EP expires, whichever is earlier. The renewed EP will be valid starting from the expiry date of the EP which is currently held.


Steps to Be Taken After EP Renewal

Once the EP has been renewed, the applicant must complete further steps as required by the notification letter from the MOM:

  1. The applicant is instructed to continue using their existing EP. Those who return the card when unnecessary, must pay for the replacement of the pass.

Should you require any assistance with the renewal of an EP for either yourself or an employee, we at Paul Hype Page & Co can assist you in this matter. We will take you through each step of the process so that you will better understand EP renewal applications. Should your application be denied, we will also help to resolve the issue.