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Application for Permanent Resident For Professionals In Singapore

Permanent Resident for Professionals In Singapore

Benefits and Obligations of Becoming a Singapore Permanent Resident


  • A permanent resident (PR) tends to fall between a citizen and a foreigner. There are certain things that a PR will be entitled to, but which a foreigner will not be entitled to. Foreigners who have worked in Singapore often desire to become PR holders and eventually obtain a Singapore citizenship. Here are some of the benefits of being a permanent resident in Singapore:
    • Free entry to and exit from Singapore, with the right to stay in for as long as you want once you’ve received the Blue Card.
    • Spouse and children under the age of 21 receive the automatic status of permanent resident
    • Priority entry into the public education system for the children of permanent residents
    • Being a permanent resident
    • The ability of the permanent resident to buy the government-funded HBD house, albeit a second-hand one.



  • You will you will be required to make monthly contributions to the statutory central provident fund
  • The male children of all permanent residents are expected to go through mandatory military service, just like the sons of the Singapore citizens.


The Required Documents Singapore Permanent Residence Application:

To apply for permanent residence, one will need the original and duplicate copies of the following documents to be eligible to apply:

Current travel documents of all the listed applicants:

  • This includes the original passport together with copies of the pages that show the personal details of the applicants and their description. A copy of the pages showing permission to enter Singapore will be required by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority.
  • Work Pass (*Higher chances for Employment pass holder)
  • Identity card – (In case the country of origin issues them)
  • Academic certificates and transcripts together with any professional certificates, licenses, and membership cards. For applicants with post-secondary education, one must present two photocopies of the academic transcripts and certificates.
  • Marriage certificate (where applicable)
  • A list of all the members of the household (where applicable and if applying for an aged parent)
  • Birth certificate
  • A summary of earnings for the six month period preceding the application for permanent residence
  • Testimonials indicating the date at which the applicant last drew his last salary, the length that the applicant worked for the particular employer and the nature of the job
  • A Valid business registration certificate in case the applicant is running a business. In case of a partnership, the name of the partners must be provided alongside the registration certificate. For more about business registration in Singapore, click here.
  • The identity card, and  academic and birth certificates of the spouse where applicable
  • The applicants’ children birth certificates, and where applicable, the adoption papers
  • Certificate of death (in case of death of spouse)
  • Certificate of divorce (for divorcees)
  • Custody papers for the children (in case of divorce)
  • A compilation of the Income Tax Returns for the previous three years. If these are not available, you can then go ahead and notify the checkpoints authority – ICA-  and give them the authority to contact the IRA directly so as to obtain this information.
  • This is done through the form found in Appendix – 1, (PR – PTS.)


If any of these documents is not in English, the applicant will be required to provide an official translation of the same. Once the documents are checked, the original ones will be returned and the authorities will retain the copies.


The Future

There is a growing debate in socio-politico circles as a section Singaporeans  feel that there needs to be a review of the whole concept of permanent residency. For this reason, the number of PR approvals and renewals has gone down in the recent past.  For example, in 2008 the number of new PR approvals stood at an all-time high of 79,000. However since 2009, the number has stood at an annual average of slightly less than 29,000 approvals per annum. This means that for any applicant to be successful, he or she must present himself or herself as a would-be valuable asset to the Singaporean society rather than a liability. At Paul Hype Page & Co, we have helped many applicants walk through the complex process with outstanding results. If you would like to apply for permanent residence, we would be glad to walk with you. Get in touch with us through our Contact Us Page for further enquiries. Click here to find out more about Business opportunities in Singapore and Corporate Tax in Singapore.

Every year, thousands of people apply to become permanent residents of Singapore. To date, the population of permanent residents in Singapore stands at about 350,000, whereas the nation’s population stands at about 4.5 million. This scheme, normally targets people with skills and talents that can be useful to Singapore, and one must be less than 50 years old 50 years.

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