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When it comes to attracting and retaining talented staffs during the evolution of the work force, there is no foolproof method in doing so. To retain and hire the best employees, there are 101 ways that employers must incorporate in their company culture. Singapore’s law also states that employees should be protected under the Employment Act, and some staff benefits are also a requirement by law. With the current generation of workers, it is important to understand that traditional means of handling your employees are not feasible in retaining them.

By using more out-of-the-box solutions when crafting up your employee benefits will result in a lower staff turnover rate. However, there are law limitations and regulations when it comes to written employee benefits for attracting and retaining talents. Speak to a professional service provider such as Paul Hype Page, to prevent violating any regulations when incorporating methods used to motivate your staffs.

Here are some of the top elements that we believe will help in attracting and retaining your talented employees:

Look Beyond Paper Certification

During the hiring and interview process, employers must provide a chance for every employee to express their talents. While it may be easy to disregard job applications due to lower education levels, considering the prospective employee’s job experience and technical skills are important in the workforce as well.

For example, an engineer who has relevant experience in the field that he is applying to may be considered more hire-able than a fresh university graduate. He or she can value add stronger to your business and company with his hands-on experience.

Creating a Positive Hiring Experience

During most interviews, many potential employees do not hear back from their interviewers within days of the interview. Even if the employees end up getting employed by the company, it creates a negative image of the company. One ideal way to prevent this negative hiring experience is to provide a time frame of communication and stick to it.

For example, give your interviewees a call, text message, or email within a couple of days following the interview. Even if the interview is unsuccessful, this creates a positive hiring experience as the employee’s efforts are not gone to waste. Using job search platforms such as JobStreet, Mycareersfuture, and LinkedIn, interviewers and interviewees can communicate easier with each other before and after the interview.

A positive image of a company’s hiring experience goes a long way. With each unsuccessful job application and interview, past interviewees may still spread a positive message amongst their peers. This may result in a higher application rate, giving the interviewer the options to a range of talented individuals.


Giving credit to your staff when it is due, will further motivate them to work harder. It may be easy to brush their work efforts and achievements aside. Instead, why not turn it into a motivational factor? A simple word of appreciation or material reward can go a long way in further recognizing your employee’s work efforts. In the long run, continuous positive reinforcement will improve productivity and the company’s overall morale.

Want to Start business in Singapore
Want to Start business in Singapore

Work-Life Balance

In the current age, younger and more talented employees would prefer to have a better work-life balance. Employers and hiring partners can explore the means of incorporating a better work-life balance for their employees. One example is to engage in flexible work arrangements (FWAs) such as:

  1. Compressed workweeks
  2. Flexi-hours
  3. Working remote
  4. Telecommuting
work life singapore

There are limitations to utilizing FWAs, as there is bound to be companies and job sectors which are unable to do so. If your business structure allows for FWAs, giving your employees the flexibility of their own working hours can be a positive boost in their work morale. Employees can make plans out of work, in accordance to their working hours.

Upskilling and Career Development

More and more younger individuals entering the workforce possesses various skills that may outperform older employees. This often creates a fear among the older working employees as risks of losing their jobs increases. If your current employee can perform well at their jobs, it will be best to retain these current employees. Retaining employees with good performance also lessens the workload of having to newly train new staffs. By providing upskill and career development opportunities, this enables your current staffs to be well equipped with new aged skills and stay relevant in the workforce.

In Singapore, there are many government initiatives that provides the necessary training for your employees. One of the initiatives is the introduction of SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), where Singapore individuals above the age of 25 will get a $500 credit. The credit can be used to apply for trainings and career development courses.

If your company is a registered company in Singapore, you can also claim up to 90% of course fees, and absentee payroll when sending your staffs for SkillsFuture Singapore courses. Learn more about the facts when registering your company in Singapore here.

Work culture

A company with a positive work culture often has a better chance at retaining talents. Most employees in the current age do not like working in an environment where their voices are not being heard by their superiors. High achievers that impact the company’s growth often seek for validation from their superiors.

For example, employers who do not engage with the job scopes of their employees would not know what is happening in the background. It is then a better option for employers to allow their employees some degree of control over their job scope. With more flexibility and control their own roles, employees are then able to further value add to the company’s performance.

Allowing your staffs to suggest and discuss ideas also provides a sense of ownership over their job. This also continue to serve as a positive motivator, when employers regard their current employee’s contributions and suggestions. Overall, when both employers and employees can discuss ideas freely, it will result in the overall improvement of the company.

Having a professional service consultant to provide assistance during the employment drafting contract will provide more credibility in your means in retaining staff. Speak to Paul Hype Page today, as we have the necessary background knowledge in the HR field. We are able to assist you in drafting the perfect contract in attracting and retaining talents.

Attracting and Retaining Talents During Changing Times FAQs

What is the key to retain talents?2020-11-02T10:09:42+08:00

The key to retain talents in your company is to have a positive and supportive work culture.

What are some methods to create work-space recognition?2020-11-02T10:09:23+08:00

positive reward system can come in many forms. To create productivity, employers can engage in providing early time off, meal treats, pay raises, bonuses, or even simple words of encouragement to motivate the employees

What is the example of a Flexi-hour schedule in Singapore?2020-11-02T10:09:03+08:00

An example of a Flexi-hour schedule allows employees to choose their working hours. These working hours often ranges from 7 am to 10 am for reporting hours, and 4 pm to 7 pm for ending hours. Employees must meet the required working hours in a given week to prevent any regulation violation on their employment contract. Some government bodies also adopt the usage of flexi-hours for their employees.

What are the regulations that I must follow when hiring talents in Singapore?2020-11-02T10:08:49+08:00

Employees in Singapore, both local and foreign talents, are protected under the Singapore Employment Act. This legislation provides employees necessary job benefits such as annual leave, healthcare, medical benefits, and additional bonuses.

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