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Essential Tips to Ensure an Employment Pass in Singapore

Employment Pass in Singapore

The CV Matters

Most people face rejection for their Employment Pass application in Singapore because they might have not been able to market themselves adequately though their CV. If you are a candidate, you should focus on providing information on your previous experience, which you feel, will be useful for the position you are applying. Preferably, attach a copy of your previous job descriptions to show your skills at handling situations, which the new job will demand. You should also provide all the relevant supporting documents required to strengthen your application.


Being A Degree Holder Is An Advantage

For most industries, experience plays the major role, however, Singapore takes education seriously, and you will be better off applying when you have a degree. This is why candidates with degrees from prominent Singapore universities have an advantage over you. If you want to successfully become an Employment Pass holder, holding a degree from a recognised university will be a significant advantage when it comes times to apply for an EP.


The Perfect Salary

You need to have a greater base salary for EPs and other work passes since December 1st, 2012. If you have a salary below the prescribed base, your application will be rejected instantly. All EP holders are required to meet the minimum salary requirements to be considered eligible.


It Matters Where You Are From

As defined by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority in Singapore (ICA), candidates applying for jobs from tier one countries like Australia, USA, Malaysia, and Europe are at a better chance of securing an employment pass here.


Your Company Structure Matters

If you are applying for a pass as a company then it is in your favor if you have been operating your organization for at least three years. On the other hand, new startups can benefit from indicating a large capital to Ministry of Manpower (MOM) in Singapore to show that they have the liquidity to pay salaries.


Past Rejection Is Never Good

If you have been rejected for your employment pass in Singapore previously then you are naturally at a lower chance of securing it the next time. This is why you should focus on completing all the requirements adequately the first time to strengthen your chances! These are some essential tips that candidates applying for employment passes in Singapore need to be aware about. If you need assistance regarding your employment pass, be sure to contact us!

The Singapore government recently implemented some steps that are aimed at making employment passes scarce. This means that every businessperson looking forward to secure an employment pass here needs to be diligent and smart when applying. Many people might have faced rejection to their employment passes for Singapore, and there might be several reasons, however, most of these reasons are fairly simple and could be avoided with a little know how. Here are some of the most important tips that you essentially need to know if you wish to secure an employment pass here successfully.

Don’t leave your Employment Pass application to chance

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