The Companies Act specifies all details related to one’s eligibility to serve as a company secretary in Singapore. It also mentions how a permanent resident of Singapore might also do likewise.

 Is a Permanent Resident allowed to serve as a Company Secretary in SG

Many people come from all over the world to live and work in Singapore. The country has deservedly gained a reputation for its openness to foreigners as it has always been very welcoming of people from any country who intend to earn an honest and legitimate living while in Singapore. Some who desire to remain in Singapore for the long term even go on to become permanent residents (PRs) of the country. However, there are certain laws and regulations which the government of Singapore has imposed on every PR of Singapore. Some of these laws and regulations relate to the eligibility of foreigners with regard to serving as a company secretary. The role of the company secretary is one of the most important in any Singapore company.

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Eligibility of PRs Who Are to Serve as Company Secretaries

Section 171 of the Companies Act of Singapore requires that every company based in Singapore must hire a company secretary before six months after the company’s date of incorporation elapse. According to the Companies Act, the person who is to serve as the company secretary is required to either be a citizen or a permanent resident of Singapore. The government of Singapore understands that only a person who has gained specific experience from living and working in Singapore for an extended period of time, whether as a citizen or as a PR, will have garnered the knowledge and abilities required to take up this important role and perform in that role to the very best of the person’s capabilities.

Other Regulations Regarding Singapore Company Secretaries

Another regulation related to company secretaries of Singapore companies states that the company secretary is not permitted to be the only director of the company. However, it is legal for a local resident director to serve as a company secretary if the company has more than one director. The reason behind this regulation is to prevent overcentralization of power within one person. It has been deemed that a person who is both a director and a company secretary at the same time has an overabundance of power and rights which could easily be abused. Therefore, the law preventing such from being the case had to be introduced.

All details of appointments of company secretaries done by any company in Singapore must be submitted to the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). This is to be done online through the use of BizFile. Once BizFile has been used to submit the details of the appointment to ACRA, ACRA will assess the details and will give its approval to the appointment of the company secretary if all matters have been handled through the proper methods.

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