The Employment Pass (EP), Dependant Pass (DP), and Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP) are among Singapore's work visas which eligible foreigners may obtain. The criteria for each visa differ because each visa has a different purpose.

Singapore Employment Pass allows foreign professionals, managers and executives to work in Singapore.

EP (Employment Pass) applicant need to earn at least $4,500 a month and have acceptable qualifications.

Passes for Family Members

All Employment Pass holders can apply for Dependent Pass and/or Long-Term Visit Pass for their family members.

Dependent Pass

Both P and Q1 Pass holders can apply for Dependent’s Pass for their:

  • Spouse
  • Unmarried children under 21 years of age

Long-Term Visit Pass

P Pass holders can also apply for Long-Term Visit Pass for their:

  • Common law spouse
  • Unmarried daughters above 21 years of age
  • Handicapped children
  • Step-children
  • Parents/parents-in-law

Entry Visa into Singapore

If you are from abroad and require an entry visa to Singapore, your IPA letter will include a single journey entry visa. After your arrival in Singapore, we will make an appointment with the Ministry of Manpower on your behalf for finger prints. Having completed the procedures, your pass will be ready in 4 working days. You may collect the pass at Ministry of Manpower personally or authorize someone else to collect it on your behalf.

Employment Pass Validity

The validity period of an EP varies for:

  • First-time applicants – up to two years.
  • Employment Pass renewals – up to three years.

Rejection of Employment Pass Application

In case your Employment Pass application is rejected by the MOM, we will investigate why your application has been rejected. Based on the reasons provided by MOM, we will submit an appeal that will address the issues mentioned by MOM and also include additional documents, if any, requested by them. MOM will take a minimum three weeks or more to review your appeal.

Change of Employer

Employment Pass holders must apply for a new Pass whenever they change employers. There is no need to cancel the existing pass prior to application for a new pass. Ministry of Manpower evaluates each application for a new pass based on the applicant’s qualifications, work experience, and employer credentials. A new pass will be issued once the old pass is cancelled.

At Paul Hype Page & Co. we have helped many clients with the application process and successfully helped many families relocate to Singapore.

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Long Term Visa Types FAQs

Can I check my visa validity?2020-11-18T13:06:06+08:00

Yes, you can check your visa validity, it should be printed on your visa.

When should I apply and submit for my visa application?2020-11-18T13:05:48+08:00

It is best to apply and submit your entry visa one month before you arrive in Singapore during peak season (e.g March to May); for the non-peak season, it is also recommended to submit your application at least 7 days before your arrival to avoid disappointment. 

Why is the Employment Pass the most common Singapore visa which is issued?2020-06-23T11:51:20+08:00

All visas offered by the Singaporean government provide various advantages to those who obtain them. However, the advantages offered by the Employment Pass are more numerous, accessible, and commonly needed or desired when compared to the advantages offered by other visas. Therefore, the Employment Pass has become the most frequently issued, desired, and recommended visa in Singapore.

Why does the Singaporean government offer various Visa Types?2020-06-23T11:50:53+08:00

People of various educational levels, skill levels, and salaries are interested in moving to, living in, and working in Singapore. These differences prevent the same visa from being used for every foreigner who plans to work in Singapore. Thus, to overcome this potential problem, the Singaporean government must offer different types of visa to cater to the needs of as many foreign workers as possible.

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