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Most often than not, people who are in the same boat always form an alliance and back each other up. That’s why, if you are a foreigner who owns a small business in Singapore, you should not let the networking opportunities slip. It is such a good medium to connect with your fellow small business owners in Singapore.

Of course, if you are new in Singapore and you have no clue where to start for networking, no biggie! Here are a few networking tips in Singapore, tailored for any small business owners like you!

Why should you say yes to networking in Singapore?

Attending a networking event enhance the chance of a small business owner in forming positive relationships with potential clients/ business partner that might help in expanding the business. As a small business owner, saying YES to any qualified networking chance meaning that you have an extra chance in hunting new projects, customers, partnerships, investors, workers, or peers.

By attending a networking event, you will meet some of the most motivating and inspirational people that you will ever be meeting in your life. Yes. You will meet all paces of life and any types of backgrounds, races, and nationalities by simply joining a networking event. Even people who are members of nations that you may be cautious of are totally different people in a distant land.

Networking also gives you a chance to learn about the culture and the Singaporeans’ working style. You will absorb greatly from people who lived in the country for many years or more than you or impartial have diverse knowledge and experiences from you.

You will also be able to update the latest trend of the industry by mingling with the people in the networking event.

In short, the perks of networking including but not limited to:

  • Forming relationships with potential clients/ business partner that might help in expanding the business
  • Acquiring the latest information about the industry
  • Getting inspired by the industry players etc.
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Where should you network in Singapore?

If you are up to the networking game, you can attend a networking event anytime every day. Some of the finest chances to join a networking event are via a few of these organizations:

American and British Chamber of Commerce – both have business collection occasions and events (like professional service, shipping, oil and gas, marketing, finance, etc.) and bigger events with Ministers of Government and many celebrities. These events are for both members and non-members.

  • Promotion Magazine, HR Magazine – excellent sessions that permit sufficient time for networking.
  • Professional body events like from APSMA to ASA, and from Prime Time to EGN. They arrange monthly or quarterly events to attend so you can attend no matter you are a member or not.
  • Initial events are ten a penny all over you look. Frequently promoted on social media. From brands such as Wedge and Startup Grind etc.
  • Coworking spaces. Many small business owners work in a coworking space. Therefore, it’s a perfect place to conduct networking and exchange ideas and stories! Who knows you might secure a potential investor for your business by mingling around coworking spaces?
  • Tech events – like Google to Adobe, Cisco to LinkedIn, the big tech titans in Singapore, these tech events are there to promote their facilities and give you some understandings into what are the feature technology and allow you to network as well.
  • Agency events – Advertising organizations of all types are frequently setting on events with captivating speakers to let you encounter other agency persons, clients, and build networking. Frequently it is situated at the location of the agency so that you get engrossed in their world also.
  • Alumni events – there are numerous Alumni occasions in Singapore, from alumni night initiated from the institutes from Oceania to America. Check out your university’s alumni page and connect with your uni-mates who are based in Singapore!
  • Others incorporate BNI and Meet Up. These networking events have fewer expats in and more local people. If you need more neighborhood customer base, you might be able to fill your boots with occasions here as well.

When should you network in Singapore?

Each weekend if you are available! The great thing about Singapore is the weather! There are no times when there is too cold or dark to conduct networking event like December or January in Finland. Singapore is gorgeously hot, humid all year round and logistics it is easy to network each day in the year. That explains why Singapore is so suitable for networking!

Want to Start business in Singapore
Want to Start business in Singapore

What should you say at a networking event in Singapore?

It’s scary to make the first move in a networking event, especially you are not an outspoken person. In Singapore, the inquiries move off the tongue effectively, particularly among individual expats, ice-breaking questions are ten a penny:

  • How long have you been here, what brought you out?
  • What do you do?
  • Where do you live?
  • What voyaging do you do?
  • Did your better half/husband/sweetheart/beau accompany you? Will you be the following mate?
  • Where do you like to eat?
  • Where do you like to go?
  • Have you attempted Gold Class yet?
  • What’s your preferred housetop bar?

In case you’re truly stuck, you can generally depend on sports questions, particularly in case you’re with a man!

What should you do after a networking encounter?

Development. Continuously development. On the off chance that you said you’d connect via web-based networking media, pull out all the stops. On the off chance that you said you’d meet for espresso/lunch/drink, don’t simply say it yet do it. Emphasize your underlying gathering with further ones to manufacture connections and systems administration openings further. Access the individual you simply meet organizing openings, and you’ll open a significantly more entryways for you to open and meet much all the more fascinating and rousing individuals.


In conclusion, always say YES to networking event, it will open an entire fresh journey for you. A lot of times, it can be rewarding to connect with people who are living in your new homeland. The harder you work, the more you get back. Those who put the struggle and hard work in are results get back in the form of multi-level relations and visions into the people, business habits, and values of their new home. Those that don’t are as frequently as possible the first to sigh about Singapore being excessively little or having nothing to do and ordinarily the first on the plane back from where they came. It’s up to you to create your own place. Like any connection, the extra effort you put, the more you receive in return.

Singapore is such a networking paradise as an expat’s friendly country. Don’t let go of the opportunity to network with the small business owner!

Networking in Singapore as a small business owner FAQs

How to introduce yourself in a networking event?2020-10-15T14:59:06+08:00

It will never go wrong with a brief statement about who you are – your name and what you do for living. 

When is the best time for you to network in Singapore?2020-10-15T14:58:49+08:00

Anytime when you are free, like weekend. Singapore is perfect for networking all year around. Never too cold or too dark for events. 

What are the examples of networking events that small business owners can attend in Singapore?2020-10-15T14:57:41+08:00

There are a variety of networking events you can join in Singapore, ranging from happy hour meetups, industry-specific seminars, virtual groups, conferences/trade shows, breakfast or luncheon meetings, etc. 

Why is networking so important for small business owners in Singapore?2020-10-15T14:56:59+08:00

Networking is crucial for small business owners in Singapore because the owners can secure an extra chance in hunting new projects, customers, partnerships, investors, workers, or peers for their business. 

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