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Paul Hype Page & Co's serviced office in Singapore is conducive to the completion of business activities. It is in a suitable location and has many facilities such as Internet access, audiovisual equipment, and printers.

Need a new office space but don’t want to put up with expensive up front business capital investment? Do you wish to run the business with more flexibility, no fixed rental term, with dedicated support on standby to assist you whenever you need it.


PHP Serviced Office

Is more than just a serviced office. Our serviced office offer a serene environment and is a one-stop business package for your needs to run your business in Singapore. Flexible serviced office lease term, as minimum as 1 month, PHP Serviced office includes a dedicated receptionist and full range of corporate secretarial services to support all your business needs, and you only pay as and when you need to use it, thus to enable you to concentrate on your core business and reduce any extra cost.

serviced office

Please see attached for our serviced office charges.

At our serviced office, we provide

  • Fast, secure and reliable internet access.
  • Our meeting rooms are equipped with LCD displays or projectors and audio-visual equipment, perfect for delivering your business message during your meeting.
  • Document printing
  • Letter collection and scanning services

Paul Hype Page Serviced Office


Corporate Secretarial Services

Corporate Secretarial Services

The Singapore Companies Act mandates that every Singapore incorporated company is required to appoint at least one local company secretary for the company to handle ongoing statutory compliance matters. Corporate compliance in Singapore is a complex legal requirement (must have) for all Singapore registered companies. Paul Hype Page Corporate Secretarial team helps your company fulfil the statutory obligations in an efficient manner.


Accounting & Audit Services

Accounting and Audit Professional Services

Spend time on what is important to your business; let PHP Business Centre take care of all your petty cash records, book keeping, set-up and maintenance of accounting packages and taxation requirements and administrative support.


Payroll and Personal Tax

Payroll and Personal Tax

Paul Hype Page & Co. offers an extensive experience in the operation of the payroll function and a better payroll experience that is service focused and customized to meet your company unique needs that includes Payroll processing, payslips and annual reporting.


Other Professional Support – Arranging Translation Services

Arranging Translation Services

Want to communicate your business message to new markets? With PHP Business Centre we can provide either in-house or outsourced certified translation services.


Other Professional Support – Company Formation Assistance

Company Formation Assistance

Starting a new business? Extending your current operations to Asia Pacific Region? Our professional team can help you with all your company formation and business registration requirements. All-encompassing services taking you through the entire company formation procedures from beginning to end while you can focus on what matters most: strategizing your business development.

Serviced Office FAQs

Can those ineligible to become company directors ever become eligible again?2020-07-01T18:01:14+08:00

Certain company directors who are ineligible may potentially become eligible again at some point in the future. Those who are ineligible because they have three or more High Court orders compelling compliance under the Companies Act within a five-year span will once again be eligible once enough time passes that the preceding no longer applies. Should those who are ineligible because of a lack of mental or physical capacity ever regain this capacity, they too will regain eligibility for director status. 

What is a Share Certificate?2020-07-01T18:00:51+08:00

A share certificate is a document provided by a company which supplies proof of share ownership. Share certificates are owned by shareholders. Share certificates are also legally binding documents. 

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