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What Singapore is ideal for expats to set up a company

Singapore is probably one of the easiest spots for an expat to start a business in the world for a couple of reasons:

  • Reasonable corporate tax
  • Open market
  • Diverse cultures
  • Full of diverse talented workforce

With all the necessary requirements ready, it is relatively easy to set up a company in Singapore.

An expat who is planning on applying to set up his company, enterprise, business branch, or offices in Singapore must have an Employment Pass (EP). With an EP, the expat can stay in Singapore and apply to set up a company in Singapore. The incorporation of his legal company is made possible through its registration with the ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority) through BizFile.

It is a must for an international company in Singapore to have a resident director as well as a secretary. The secretaries and directors must be residents of Singapore, individuals who possess an employment pass (EP) or a permanent resident.

Timeframe to obtain an Entre Pass

The timeframe for the Entre Pass to be obtained may reach up to 14 days and additional written documentation is needed; however, it still depends on the type of company the expat is setting up.

Supporting Documents

To apply for an Entre Pass, the expat must include the following documents:

  • CV
  • Business plan
    • The reasons and the manner the expat want to conduct his business in Singapore.
  • Qualifications
    • Qualifications should be photocopied and the expat’s “work certifications” from his previous employers should be attached.
  • Work history

The content in every document should be spelled correctly, clear and concise to make it easy for the reviewer to review the documentation and the expat could probably earn good points for that.

While waiting for the Entre Pass, setting up a fixed-term savings account is a good idea. He will then be given the Banker’s Guarantee letter, the template of which will come from the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). After waiting for generally a week, the expat then submits his guarantee, letter, and passport to the MOM and after paying a little fee the expat receives his green card. The expat is then given one month to submit details of his new company to the MOM.

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The perks of starting a business entity in Singapore

  • Government incentives and aids
    The EDB (Economic Development Board) of Singapore has a list of development schemes and incentives to aid businesses, including different tax and financial incentives.
    SPRING Singapore also available for young start-ups provides start-ups assistance related to financing, capabilities as well as management development, innovation and technology, and access of the start-ups to markets.
  • Singapore’s Free Trade Agreements with major global economies benefit the international firms in the country greatly since due to this the import tariffs are reduced.
    No capital gains tax imposed on businesses in Singapore.
    No limit to how many EPs (Employment Passes) a company, regardless of its size, can employ and the assessment of every EP application is based on its merit.
Want to Start business in Singapore
Want to Start business in Singapore

Learn How to Write your Business Plan here

We provide the following services:

  1. Instant online company registration in Singapore
  2. International tax planning and advice
  3. Professional company secretary service at affordable price

*For more details on filing Company’s annual returns, click here

Paul Hype Page & Co. is an ACRA-certified business adviser. Our team of seasoned professional can help you set up a company in Singapore very quickly and easily following all legal entities, and offer you sound advice on how to make it successful too.

  1. Write a business plan – Learn how to write a compelling business plan by accessing our sample business plans, or other helpful market research information
  2. Perform market research – Understand your business market, learn how it can enhance your business growth, and how to properly conduct a market research for your business
  3. Corporate Secretary Services – If you are registering a company in Singapore, you will need a Corporate Secretary. Corporate compliance in Singapore is a complex legal requirement for all Singapore registered companies. Our company secretarial team helps our clients and their officers to fulfil their statutory obligations in an efficient manner.
  4. Manage your finances – We’ll offer you the best resources and information to help you fully understand all financial concepts and teach you how to perform basic accounting tasks like budgeting, bookkeeping, financial analysis, among others

Addition guide for business registration 

To further aid you, we have provided here a resource area with industry specific information and other industry resources to help you successfully start and run your business.

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  2. Singapore Business Licences
  3. Singapore Tax Planning
  4. Singapore Company Incorporation
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  6. Singapore Working Visa Guide

Setting Up a Company in Singapore as an Expat FAQs

What does a foreigner have to do before registering a business in Singapore?2020-10-22T12:33:50+08:00

A foreigner needs to apply for an EP to register a business and act as the local manager of the business. To do so, the foreigner must also have a Singapore residential address. Proper approval from ACRA is required as well. 

What are the company names that I am not allowed to use?2020-10-22T12:32:37+08:00

As mentioned earlier, any name that has been trademarked contains foul language or obscenities, is the same as or very similar to the name of any existing company in Singapore, or has already been reserved may not be used to name a new Singapore company. 

Can I set up a company with an employment pass in Singapore?2020-10-22T12:32:55+08:00

Yes. Not only you can set up a company in Singapore with an employment pass, but you can also entitle to 100% shares. 

What are the options for expats to set up a company in Singapore?2020-10-22T12:33:23+08:00

There are three options for you to set up a company in Singapore as an expat: 

  1. Set up a Private Limited Company with an Entre Pass (Physically running the company in Singapore) 
  1. Set up a Private Limited Company with an Employment Pass (Physically running the company in Singapore) 
  1. Set up a Private Limited Company with an appointed local Resident Director (Running the company overseas) 
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