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Seychelles & Samoa Company Incorporation

Offshore Company Formation In Seychelles

At Paul Hype Page, company incorporation in Singapore is just one of the many services we provided. If offshore company incorporation is something you’re keen on, we can help with that.

Seychelles is one of the best companies when it comes to registering offshore companies. There are many features that make this jurisdiction to be one of the most favored among many others. Foreign entrepreneurs with a registered company in Singapore can look into offshore company formation depending on their business activities’ needs. Incorporated companies must have a strong business profile, a residential address and a certificate of incorporation.

To set up an offshore company, a company needs to appoint a director and a shareholder. This is similar to the Singapore company registration process. Singapore companies require a local resident director. They can either be a citizen or permanent resident of Singapore.  For offshore company incorporation, your proposed company name should be approved too. The company will also be required to pay an annual license fee that will depend on the amount of share capital rather than the profits.

 Seychelles & Samoa Company Incorporation

Main Advantages of Seychelles As A Tax Haven

Flexibility: No one is required to attend meetings in Seychelles. This means that you will not need even to have shareholders of directors to attend a single meeting or even forced to appoint a proxy shareholder.

Privacy: Information about the owners of the company, the shareholders, and the directors, is kept completely private away from the public and other interested parties.

Speed: Seychelles is one place that one can easily set up a business. In fact, many businesses and offshore companies can be formed within the same day.

Tax Haven: This is one of the most important features of any offshore jurisdiction. An offshore company will not be required to pay taxes local taxes if at all it doesn’t carry out business in Seychelles.

There is no minimum capital requirements: a business is not expected to maintain a minimum share capital

The company needs to appoint only one shareholder and director.

In 2012, the government of Seychelles made certain amendments to the International Business Companies Act which made a few requirements. These requirements are: that an international business company must maintain an up-to-date record of shareholders and directors. Previously, one could easily nominate shareholder and a director and simply leave them on the records, regardless of whether the people are still directors or not.


Offshore Company Formation In Samoa

Samoa is a country with a rich history. Having gained its independence from Britain in 1962, the company retains a distinctly British system and English is the official language of the nation. However throughout its history the islands have been governed by a number of states including Germany and New Zealand. The island itself is not a single unit with the same cultural identity. Instead it’s a collection of nine and that’s which came together to form the Samoa islands.

One unique feature of Samoa is that it has developed its own kind of legislation. This legislation seeks to incorporate the unique position that it faces as it wants to appeal to the Chinese and the Asian market. Previously, business names had to be in English, but today business names can be retained in Chinese on the condition that they have been properly supervised.

Just like in Seychelles, registration of a business in Samoa requires that a company has at least one director, one shareholder, and a company secretary. Each of these can be an individual or a corporate entity depending on the wishes of the company.

For a company to be registered offshore in Samoa, it must ensure that it has a registered agent who is based in Samoa. Without this agent, the customer cannot register his business in this country.

The professional infrastructure of Samoa is extremely attractive. These islands have been so much used to the complexities of offshore investments to the extent that they now have a lot of skills that range from financing, tax accountants, and legal experts. Considering the fact that many businesses that seek to operate here are international businesses that come from different legal jurisdictions and the different legal practices, it has been useful for these companies to maintain their integrity. Luckily for them, they have a sound banking from the legal entity that are in Samoa.


Need Offshore Company Formation Assistance? We Can Help

At Paul Hype page, our expertise are not just confined to business in Singapore. We’ve helped countless entrepreneurs establish companies, secure a work visa, provide nominee director service, guidance, taxation and payroll advice and more. We’ve also got the expertise to handle offshore company formation. Should you need more information about setting up an offshore company, contact us today.

Paul Hype Page & Co. will give you more information and assistance on policy updates, compliance regulations and changes to tax conditions. Corporate tax in Singapore.

Our team of seasoned professional can also help you set up a company in Singapore very quickly and easily following all legal entities, and offer you sound advice on how to make it successful too.


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