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Private education businesses in Singapore cater to primary school and secondary school students alike, as well as both local and foreign students. The Ministry of Education oversees all such businesses in the country.

Option 1

Foreign students who are willing to study in Singapore Primary or Secondary Government Schools will have to sit for tests. Type of Tests

  • Qualifying Test
  • AEIS
  • PACT

After the AEIS, the Ministry of Education would make arrangements for the students to attend schools and therefore placement is guaranteed. The AEIS test is held annually and therefore the standard is very high and the chance of cracking the test is very slim.

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 Option 2

The foreign students whose parents are working in Singapore and are holding accurate working visas are not required to take the above mentioned tests. The working visas that the parents should hold are mentioned below –

Difference between the Two Routes:

Test NeededYesNo
Enrollment TimingRestrictiveFlexible
Choice of SchoolRestrictiveFlexible
PR ApplicationCan apply only after 2yrsCan apply only after 6months
Job/Business OpportunitiesParents can work only after 1yearCan work immediately

Direct or Quick Entry to Singapore Government or Private Schools

We combine the search for the foreign students’ education in appropriate schools with our business / working opportunities for their parents and while doing so we take the following steps –

  • Arrange for our overseas representative to understand our foreign students’ education standard and their family background.
  • Make arrangements for students to come to Singapore for school visits.
  • Apply for the relevant visas for the students and their parents (if coming with their children to work or start a business).
  • Arrange the necessary tests if required or direct enrollment in school.
  • Once school and visa is finalized, we make arrangements for house rental or purchase.

Integration to Singapore: PR and Citizenship

“Once our clients, always our clients.” In this regard, we take pride in the fact that we take care of you when you are in Singapore. We review our clients’ circumstances time and again, and apply for their Permanent Residence (PR) visa at the right time. While doing so we take the following steps –

  • Prepare the necessary and important documents such as Income tax slips, Pay slips, local sponsorship and company’s letter of recommendation for PR applications.
  • Keeping a track of the progress of PR applications.
  • Appeal for the PR results if required
  • Make arrangements for the collection of the visa.

Start a Singapore Private Education Business FAQs

Can those ineligible to become company directors ever become eligible again?2020-06-25T11:29:34+08:00

Certain company directors who are ineligible may potentially become eligible again at some point in the future. Those who are ineligible because they have three or more High Court orders compelling compliance under the Companies Act within a five-year span will once again be eligible once enough time passes that the preceding no longer applies. Should those who are ineligible because of a lack of mental or physical capacity ever regain this capacity, they too will regain eligibility for director status. 

Can I use my residential address as my business address?2020-06-25T11:29:12+08:00

With effect from 10 Jun 2003, all homeowners will be allowed to conduct small-scale businesses in their homes under the Home Office Scheme. The scheme will apply to both private and HDB properties.

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