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What is E-commerce? Electronic commerce (E-commerce), also known as internet commerce refers to the process of selling and purchasing goods and services over the internet, and the flow, or transactions of money, is also done online. 

Examples of e-commerce

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has led to the increase of online services, and the purchase and buying of goods and services online are on the rise daily. Some of the examples of e-commerce stores are Amazon, Zalora, Qoo10, RedMart, Honestbee, Lazada, etc. 

E-commerce Booster Programme Packages

  • E-commerce for the domestic market 

    The Singapore E-commerce Programme has partnered with international and local e-commerce sites to help local retailers take their business operations online. The program aims at helping these local retailers to expand their market reach in Singapore.

  • E-commerce overseas markets 

    Under this, the retailers are helped to reach a global market. Retailers who are dreaming of expanding their presence abroad should apply at the Multichannel E-commerce platform. Then the program is vital in helping retailers who have no or little prior experience in importation and exportation to do so through the digital channels. It is a form of assisting them in reaching and transacting internationally.

  • Digital Marketing capabilities for retailers 

    Retailers can tap the program to help them raise their proficiency in the implementation of effective digital campaigns. Some of the business operations that you are likely to increase through the program include expanding brand awareness and digital campaigns on various networks. 

The benefits of an E-commerce Booster Package 

Any local retailer who is eligible for this program will have the upper hand in receiving benefits like financial support and other business promotions. That is one-time support of up to SGD 9,000 that can help them take their hustle online. Retailers who are participating in the Singapore E-commerce Program can also apply for extra workforce support to assist them in driving their business presence online. A qualified person will receive up to 90% of the qualifying labor cost for 3 months. However, the terms and conditions must be met. 

An e-commerce program breaks the barrier to taking businesses online. The Singaporean retailers and companies have significantly benefitted from these programs. The partnerships with the leading e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Shopee have led to multiple advantages, including exposure and necessary funding to the upcoming retailers and those that are looking for a way of taking their business online. 

Required document for one to apply for an e-commerce booster package in Singapore

The following information will help you complete the e-commerce booster package:

  • The type of business that you are operating
  • You will also have to know your unique Entity number (UEN)
  • Your Singapore standard industrial classification code and whether it starts with 47.
  • Your minimum local shareholding should not be less than 30%
  • The number of employees in your company.

These among others will be some of the requirements that you will need when filling out the e-commerce booster package in Singapore.

What is the Singapore E-Commerce Programme? FAQs

What are some of the solutions that these e-commerce booster packages offer to Singaporean retailers?2020-12-10T15:22:01+08:00

Some of the services that they provide to these retailers include;

  • Content creation
  • Product listing within the website
  • Advertisements and Promotions
  • Training workshops to help enhance e-commerce capabilities
  • Fulfilments
  • Channel Management
What are some of the components of an e-commerce booster package?2020-12-10T15:21:21+08:00

The Singapore e-commerce program consists of:

  • E-commerce for the domestic market that partners with giant online stores like Amazon, Lazada Singapore, Shopee, and Qoo10. These will help the local retailers to reach the domestic market.
  • E-commerce for overseas markets; This is for retailers who wish to expand their products or service overseas and they are encouraged to apply for the Multichannel E-commerce Platform (MEP) Programme.
Who is eligible for an e-commerce booster package in Singapore?2020-12-10T15:20:57+08:00

Any local SME retailers who are looking towards taking their business presence online and to expand their general Singapore market reach are eligible for the e-commerce booster package in Singapore. However, you need to meet the following conditions:

  • You must have an incorporated retail company in Singapore on or before 31st March 2020.
  • You must have at least 30% of the local shareholdings.
  • You must have a physical storefront for your company.
  • Your business must have an annual turnover that does not exceed SGD 100 million from the most recent audited report.
What are the benefits of E-commerce programs in Singapore?2020-12-10T15:20:28+08:00

The Singapore e-commerce programs aimed at boosting the small retailers by availing funds to them. The local retailers who are eligible usually receive one-time support of up to SGD 9,000 to help them achieve their e-commerce goals. 

What is an E-commerce Booster package in Singapore?2020-12-10T14:59:03+08:00

It is a Singaporean program that was created primarily to help small retail businesses in Singapore to take their business online.  

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