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Many foreign students study in universities all over Singapore. However, while there, a foreign student may suffer from a medical emergency. In such situations, a health insurance plan which provides a sufficient degree of coverage can be used to spare the student from incurring severe costs which would have been imposed without the use of insurance.

Health Insurance for Foreign Students

Why Health Insurance for Foreign Students Is Important

A student in a foreign country is advised to have suitable insurance coverage. These foreign students are often expected to obtain suitable health insurance coverage. Therefore, anyone who is a student in a foreign country ought to purchase an insurance plan which covers a period of the course duration. Usually, colleges or universities will expect that any foreign student have an acceptable health insurance plan prior to their admission.


The importance of obtaining suitable health insurance coverage as an international student can never be overestimated. There are several reasons why institutions often insist on foreign students having medical insurance. One of these is the lack of government-sponsored healthcare. Usually, a country’s government does not fund healthcare for international students. This fact therefore makes it necessary for international students to either plan for or organize their own medical insurance coverage. Furthermore, the cost of healthcare is often too high for an international student to manage during a time of emergency. This will have the effect of causing the victim to suffer from a financial crisis. Therefore, a sufficient form of insurance coverage is a better option for the management of a foreign student’s healthcare. Otherwise, the medical bills might accumulate and become excessive which would cause the student to be burdened by an excessive amount of debt.

Health insurance also reduced the overall expenditure of foreign students. Through the use of insurance coverage, a foreign student will have most medical bills subsidized and only incur a much smaller payment compared to what would have been paid without the use of any insurance coverage. The amount which would be incurred includes taxes and other deductibles. Foreign students with insurance may also benefit from lower costs of consultation with doctors. This is usually the case because many insurance companies have brokered deals with specific doctors, clinics, and hospitals which allow the insured to pay lower consultation fees.

Want to Start business in Singapore
Want to Start business in Singapore

How a Foreign Student in Singapore Benefits from Health Insurance Plans

There are several benefits which a foreign student in Singapore can obtain from any relevant health insurance plan. Among the most important benefits which a foreign students may enjoy includes that of the two-way hospital visit. This benefit enables a foreign student who has been hospitalized to have a family member travel to Singapore for a visit while the student is in hospital. This is made possible by the provider of the insurance making contact with immediate family member in question. This family member will then be granted the opportunity to visit Singapore in order to be with the ill student in hospital.

Sponsor protection is another benefit granted to foreign students with health insurance plans in Singapore. A foreign student can be guaranteed up to S$15,000 which may be used to pay for any unpaid tuition fees in case of the demise of the student’s sponsor. Sponsor protection may also take effect in instances permanent disability of the sponsor.

Emergency medical evacuation is also granted to foreign students in Singapore who have purchased health insurance plans. In certain cases, a foreign student might have to be treated for a severe illness or injury in a country other than Singapore. Benefits which may be claimed include coverage of travel expenses in such cases of medical emergencies so that the student can be treated in the country where the medical treatment is to take place.

Health insurance plans for foreign students in Singapore also account for study interruptions. Should any foreign student become unable to complete a course of studies due to hospitalization or illness, the insurance coverage will take effect and reimburse the student’s tuition fees by paying an amount of up to S$10,000.

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Unique Features of Health Insurance Plans for Foreign Students in Singapore

Health insurance plans for foreign students in Singapore are imbued with several additional advantages. Among these are dedicated benefits which are not provided by a number of other insurance plans. These dedicated benefits include coverage for pre-existing injuries, mental illness, maternity and hospitalization related to maternity, and all medication which has been prescribed.

This insurance coverage can also be extended to cover a family member in case the student is bringing along one family member when entering Singapore. This serves as an alternative to purchasing a travel medical plan for this same family members.

Health insurance plans for Singapore’s foreign students do not need to be renewed. Singapore insurance plans for foreign students are created to cover the entire course duration. Therefore, there is no need to renew the insurance coverage during the student’s stay in the country. The financial details of such plans can be further optimized in order to further reduce the overall cost of such insurance plans. The cost of insurance plans for foreign students in Singapore is relatively inexpensive because these students are young and usually healthy. Foreign students pay less in premiums compared to other foreigners in Singapore for this same reason; most of them are assumed to be healthy and young and therefore less likely to fall severely ill or suffer serious injuries while in Singapore than are older foreigners.

Health Insurance for Foreign Students in Singapore FAQs

Does the government of Singapore fund the medical coverage of foreign students?2020-06-22T12:59:24+08:00

Although the Singaporean government has done much for the foreign students who study in the country, it currently does not fund the medical coverage of these students. Therefore, foreign students in Singapore ought to make use of the health insurance plans which exist in the country.

What advantages can be gained from studying in a university in Singapore?2020-06-22T12:58:49+08:00

For many students, studying in a Singaporean university is a very positive experience. The country has one of the world’s best and most competent educational systems. Furthermore, Singapore is home to some of the highest-ranked universities in the world. For these reasons, studying in a Singapore university provides a student with various life and career opportunities.

Is insurance purchased by foreign students in Singapore valid in other countries?2020-06-22T12:58:04+08:00

The insurance coverage which is purchased by any foreign student who is studying in Singapore will be deemed invalid abroad. The validity of this coverage is limited to the duration of the student’s period of study in Singapore.

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