Accounting Services is crucial in knowing your business and expansion needs. Paul Hype Page is a Certified Public Accounting Firm provide accounting services.

Accounting Services Help You To Understand Your Business

It is well and truly said that numbers cannot lie. In all companies, the accounting reports containing all matters of financial records provide a statement of truth about the current situation of any corporate organisation. However, it should also be noted that errors in the reports can be found if there were any mistakes in the keying in of the data. One should always remember that the information found in these records are only as good as the company or staff worker who is in charge of data input. Financial records can also be used in all aspects of the business including forecasting and in preparation of budgets. As such, it is highly important that the person who is within that capacity has sound capabilities to carry through all accounting aspects which is a requirement of the role. Accounting Services also provides check and balance governance to ensure that the corporate office is in adherence to statutory and legal requirements.

Although the Accounting Division has primarily been utilised as one which is in a support position in any corporation, its importance should not be underrated. Accounting has the ability to keep track of all business assets, liabilities and funds. In the long term, this will be useful in providing figures, information and reports that will actually have the potential to change the direction or goals of the company. Thus, the long term survival of the office actually lies in the hands of the Accounting Services. Accounting thereby has a very significant hand in developing and aiding in the company’s long term growth. Financials are also useful tools if an organisation would like to conduct on time analysis in order to determine the current financial situation of the company. Cash flow, inventory, liquidity and debt ratios are data picked up from accounting reports that will provide clearer answers which in turn aids key decision makers with different options.

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Someone who is well versed in Accounting would also be able to help with tax, secretarial and legal requirements. In Singapore, Paul Hype Page Accounting Services would be tasked with ensuring the accurate yearly corporate tax submission to ACRA. It is very important that all compliance relating to tax matters are met in a timely and accurate manner. Accounting Division would be wholly responsible for such duties. Of course, failure to meet time requirements for submission of tax returns will mean that the company would be dealt with a heavy fine. Inaccuracy in tax filing would also likely result in penalties imposed on the company. This normally happens in small businesses when the owner would be tasked with filing corporate tax returns. It is often more complicated than individual yearly tax assessments and as such, it is important to have a highly skilled and experience Accountant on hand to settle these matters.

It is highly integral that as the business grows, there are also different ways in which the company is able to capitalise on expansion in order to meet business needs. The Singapore government has put in place various programmes, schemes and grants to help small businesses especially to profit together with the growing economy. Those who are involved in technology and energy research would be able to apply for funds to aid in their innovative efforts. The year 2013 has seen the government move towards bigger budgets for environmentally friendly and sustainable business ideas. Such developing technologies are an important part of Singapore’s future and so are students involved in ensuring that studies and research are constantly conducted in these fields. Paul Hype Page Accounting Services would be able to locate key factors and studies in which businesses can invest in so that they are able to capitalise on current industry trends.

If yours is a small home business and you do not possess such capabilities to ensure your Accounting Services meets your business growth and expansion needs, it is high time you seek the services of professional consultancy agents who would be able to provide information and feedback. In the long run, such services will prove beneficial to your business because there will be a third party ensuring that regulatory and compliance matters are kept while you and your managers can focus on growing your business. All you need to do is contact them as your first step towards accounting independence.

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Paul Hype Page & Co, a public accounting firm, specialises in meeting the basis to complex accounting and accounting-related requirements of businesses in Singapore. Over the past 10 years, we have gained vast experience in accounting as well as auditing services. We are CPA Singapore certified company. Our accounting services include:

  • Manual accounting services
  • Partial as well as full accounting services
  • Weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly financial statement preparation
  • GST filling
  • Tax filing and tax computation