To hire an existing Employment Pass or S Pass holder, a new application is to be submitted by new employer and it is not necessary to cancel the existing ones while doing so.

Can Employment Pass holder change job

You will have to submit a new application for the existing Employment Pass (EP). There is no need to cancel the existing Employment Pass while applying for the new pass.

What can you do as an existing Employment Pass holder?

  • You may apply for a new job even while working with your current employer
  • You can sign a new job offer while still being employed with your current employer
  • Your new employer can apply for a new employment pass while you are still with your current employer

As an existing Employment Pass holder:

Do note that your Employment Pass is tied to your employer. Only your employer is allowed to apply the work passes for you. This means, if you resign from your existing job, your new employer is responsible to apply for a new pass and you will need to cancel your current pass. But remember, you do not need to cancel your existing pass until your new pass is approved.

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What can happen as a best-case scenario is that your new prospective employer is willing to give you an offer, apply your new employment pass, get the approval in the form of an IPA (In-Principle Approval letter). That’s when you tender your resignation after having already secured your next job.

However, it is only advisable that you wait until you get the In-Principle Approval (IPA) for your new pass before you tender your resignation. Just be cautious that even if your new employer wants to hire you and you are an Employment Pass holder, it is no mean certain that MOM (Ministry of Manpower) will automatically approve, as they will need to scrutiny the new application once again and will go through many hoops before a decision can be made.

MOM is very strict about issuing Employment Passes and even if you are qualified, the new employer might not be allowed to hire someone under Employment Pass for various reasons. These days MOM is looking at number of citizens hired by a company as well as those hired under Employment Pass.

There are cases where some Employment Pass holders were left jobless when they resigned after getting a new job from another company. The new company was not allowed to hire these guys as MOM thought the new company had too many Employment Pass holders and too few citizens working for them. So do take note on this and be careful before you resign.

Important facts on Employment Pass:

  • You cannot switch job with existing employment pass.
  • You cannot concurrently have 2 Employment Pass ID cards. In order to receive the new one, you need to surrender the old card.

Process of cancelling Employment Pass:

Always remember that you can only be issued one employment pass at a time.

  1. Once your next company agrees to employ you, you would ordinarily give notice of your termination to your present company.
  2. Once the notice period is completed you will have to surrender your Employment Pass to your current employer who will cancel your Employment Pass.
  3. You will be issued a letter by the immigration that will allow you 30 days in which you will either need to pick up a job or leave the country.
  4. Once the Employment Pass is surrendered, the new company will apply for your Employment Pass.