Even after having successfully filed Form IR21, some may still have questions regarding how the process works and what is to be done next. Information about Additional Form IR21, Amended Form IR21, and the roles and tasks of Preparers and Approvers will be mentioned in this passage.

Form IR21

Form IR21 relates to tax clearance for employees who are either permanent residents of Singapore or foreigners. Whenever necessary, their employers are to file this form and withhold any money which would normally be due to the employee for the purposes of tax clearance. However, some employers may be unsure about some information regarding this important form.


Additional and Amended Form IR21

There may occasionally be the need to make amendments to a submitted copy of Form IR21. This may prove to be problematic if the form had been submitted electronically. Despite this possible problem, there is a way in which it may be solved. This can be done by filing an Additional or Amended Form IR21. Such forms need to be identified as such. An Additional Form IR21 is used to report any additional income paid to employees as well as any additional money which has been withheld. An Amended Form IR21 is used to report all filing details, one of which is the revised amount of money withheld. This form takes precedence over any other versions of Form IR21 which may already have been submitted.

Those who would like to delete an electronically-submitted but incorrect copy of Form IR21, however, will find that such is not possible. The only way to withdraw such a form is by contacting the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS). They are to be addressed in writing.


What to Do After Filing or e-Filing Form IR21

People who chose to file their Form IR21 by fax or mail are allowed to view the processing status of the Form IR21 record. They may do so by contacting IRAS. For those who chose to use e-Filing as their method, they will be automatically brought to an acknowledgement page after having submitted their consolidated statement. This page proves the success of their attempt at e-Filing.

After filing or e-Filing Form IR21, some may be interested in knowing the finer details of this form. Those who are online should click on the triangle icon beside the Form IR21 record. Doing so will allow one to access the following details: the acknowledgement number, the date the form was received, the date the form was processed, who prepared the form, who last updated the form, and the mode of filing.

People who are authorized Preparers or Approvers may also perform further actions once either filing or e-Filing has been completed. Preparers have the right to edit, delete, or retrieve an e-IR21 draft which they or any other Preparers in their organization have prepared. Approvers have more rights than Preparers. Like Preparers, they may edit, delete, or retrieve an e-IR21 draft which they or any Preparers in their organization have prepared. Approvers may also do likewise for e-IR21 drafts prepared by other Approvers in their organization, while Preparers may not.

Only records that have been saved as drafts or submitted within the preceding 21 days may be viewed. Any records older than 21 days are unable to be retrieved.