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How Can Setting Up a Singapore Company Benefit Me?

How_Can_Setting_Up_ Singapore_Company_Benefit_Me

When it comes to company incorporation, Singapore offers a number of key benefits and reasons to make the move. Every business needs to consider its unique needs and desired outcome, but for many, this move saves money, reduces regulation limitations, and encourages success. It could be just what your business needs to grow and flourish and avoid the fate that nearly 80 percent of all other businesses face – failure. Before you can make such a move, though, you need to take into consideration all that this move can do to benefit your company.


Take Into Consideration the Benefits

Take a look at some of the key benefits to relocating your business to Singapore or registering a new business in Singapore. You may find these are some of the tough situations you are dealing with domestically right now.


  • The country has minimal bureaucracy. This is a key benefit to startups and businesses that are looking to grow and expand but struggling due to the regulations in place domestically. With fewer limitations and even fewer steps you have to take to achieve your business’s goals, you’ll find building a business here is easier to do.


  • Taxes may be less. Depending on where your business is located domestically, you may find that this move to Singapore is far more affordable tax-wise. Because there are favorable tax rates in place here, you’ll save a lot of money on this type of move just in tax savings. How much are you paying annually in taxes domestically? This could be significantly less when you make the move.


  • The area has plenty of talent. Another reason to move a business here is because there are skilled human resources available. Most are highly skilled workers who can help a company to be successful right off the bat. In addition, the flexible immigration laws here make it easy for a business owner to move in talent from other countries as well, allowing you to use both local and international workers to meet your business’s needs.


  • The area offers a high quality of life. Unlike some countries, Singapore has a high intellectual property right law in place to keep your company’s proprietary information safe. It has a high quality of life. It also offers a strategic location that makes it easy for businesses to interact with international clients. And, you’ll enjoy the overall benefits of living and working here.


For all of these reasons, a business owner should consider starting a business in Singapore. Doing so does not have to take long. The process is not invasive. It is also likely that businesses will find the process to be much more affordable than opening their business domestically. This alongside other benefits such as overall affordability and access to key talent makes this type of move a sensible one for most types of businesses. It is a good idea to talk about the specifics and the implications for your business with an expertise in international company formation.

Posted on April 10, 2015 at 1:50 am
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