Company's Reputation

What makes a business scale the unimaginable heights? Most people do not know the main ingredients that are required in order to build a good reputation for their ventures. Your brand name is the main determinant of whether you are going to build or destroy your business. That said, always remember that the success of your business will be based on your corporate standing and the support you enjoy from your customers.

The success of your business could also be determined by the location of your business. For instance, imagine your business is located in a country with a good brand index. What reputation would your business location bold for your brand? Well, the answer is pretty obvious right?

Why Singapore?

A country like Singapore has beaten all odds to build a strong brand which many international corporations can associate with. Currently, Singapore is ranking highly among the countries with a good brand reputation. In 2010 during a global survey on the reputations of 110 countries, Singapore ranked 15th in the list and was second in Asia after Japan. When it came to quality of life, Singapore lead the pack of Asian countries and was the only Asian country to rank at top ten as it settled for position eight.

These amazing statistics can be attributed to the Singapore way of branding and the unique brand they created. As a result, no other country can match the sophistication and properly coordinated investment in the nation’s branding. This is definitely more than enough reason why starting a business in Singapore would attract immense success.

Singapore Quality Of Life Index


It is evident that the reputation of a brand is what matters to the success of that particular brand. This explains why most companies have decided to rebrand in a bid to maintain their reputation and beat competition. Therefore, if you are looking for the ideal place to set up a venture that will flourish, Singapore is the place to be!

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