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Taking care of loved ones with permanent disabilities can be very demanding. It requires your presence all the time. The strain may be unbearable if you are away from home, that’s why people seek helps from domestic workers.

The Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) Grant, which is administered by the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC), has been replaced by the Home Caregiving Grant (HCG) in October 2019. HCG is a monthly subsidy from the Singapore government to support you and your loved one with permanent disabilities. If you have dependents that are living with you who require a full-time caregiver, it is worth taking some time to understand the grant.


Before you or your caregiver apply for the HCG, it is important to check your eligibility.

  • This grant is only eligible for Singaporean and permanent residents (with a parent/child/spouse that is a Singapore Citizen).
  • You must be currently residing in Singapore. Your dependents should also not be living in a residential long-term care institution.
  • The household monthly income per person must be less than $2,800. If there is no household income, the annual property value should be $13,000 or lower.
  • You should have a permanent moderate disability. What this means is that you always require assistance with at least 3 out of 6 activities of daily living (ADLs). This includes eating, bathing, dressing, transferring, toileting, walking, or moving around.
  • To apply for HCG, your worker should attend AIC approved training.

Application Process

To apply for HCG, you must:

  • Complete the “Long Term Care Schemes Guide & Application Form”, and prepare the relevant supporting documents as specified in the form.
  • Check if your Household information has been updated with the Ministry of Health (MOH).
  • Visit your preferred primary care doctor or general practitioner to obtain a Functional Assessment Record.
  • Submit the completed application documents to AIC via email, or by mailing the documents to the AIC P.O. Box. 1173 Singapore 914040.


AIC will inform you of the outcome of your application in about a month. If the application is successful, AIC may also include payouts from the month of the application.

Foreign Domestic Worker Levy Concession

Along with the HCG, you will be able to receive a levy concession for a foreign domestic worker, which means instead of paying the full levy of $300 or $450, you will only need to pay $60 per Foreign Domestic Worker per eligible care recipient.

Beyond HCG recipients, a child under 16 years old, or an elderly adult above 67 years old is also eligible for the levy concession. Each household can hire up to 2 Foreign Domestic Worker with the levy concession.

Other Grants and Concessions

  1. Seniors’ Mobility and Enabling Fund (SMF)
    SMF helps in supporting caregivers who take care of elderly persons at home by giving subsidies to offset costs associated with healthcare items and assistive devices at home.
  2. Caregivers Training Grant (CTG)
    CTG assists caregivers of Seniors and Persons with Disability (PWD) and foreign domestic workers to equip themselves with caregiving skills necessary for emotional and physical needs caregiving training courses. Each eligible recipient gets up to $200 worth of subsidies each financial year.
    Eligibility for the SMF, CTG

    • Must be Singaporean citizens or permanent residents
    • The care recipient is residing in the same address.
    • The care recipient needs constant assistance with at least 3 of the Activities of Daily Livings (ADLs).
    • Relatives listed as parents, grandparents, parents-in-law, or grandparent-in-law of 67 and above years.
    • Persons with a moderate or permanent disability.
    • Foreign Domestic Worker or the main caregiver (family member).
    • Be recipients of $2800 or less of household monthly income or be residents of a residential place valued at $1300 or lower.
    • Should not be residents of long-term caregiving institutions like home for the elderly or nursing homes.


People who apply for HCG must be registered with the relevant authorities to confirm the eligibility for the grant, or the concessions. You may be under the category of eligible persons, but if you don’t take an active role in following up for the grants, you will not receive them. The caregiver receiving CTG must complete the approved CTG training course.
If you are an expat who is unfamiliar with the local regulations and schemes available and require assistance, Paul Hype Page can assist and advise you. We have years of experience with MOM in Singapore, and the process of getting work permits and visas of all types approved in Singapore.


How to apply for the Foreign Domestic Worker Grant in Singapore FAQs

What trainings are available for Foreign Domestic workers?2020-11-10T14:19:48+08:00

The following are training that FDW can attend:

  • Mobility, Transfers, and Movements
  • Basic Homecare skills
  • Caring for persons with dementia
  • Caregivers’ Training on caring for the elderly
  • Home-based Education Personal Hygiene
  • Home-based Education- Catheter Management and Bowel Care
  • Home-based Education- Nasogastric Tube Feeding
  • Tracheostomy Care, Suctioning and oxygen
Do I need to apply for the levy concession?2020-11-10T14:19:11+08:00

The auto levy concession is not applied for, it is automatically given to you or your Singaporean loved ones as soon as they turn 67 or on the date of birth for your new-born child who has been by the Ministry of health as a Singaporean citizen. It is processed when applying for a Foreign Domestic Worker Grant. That means you get the levy concession only when you have applied for an FDW grant. 

However, if you have a dependent with a permanent disability or moderate disability registered as a Person With Disability (PWD), or a person needing specialized care, you have to apply with the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) or online. 

What is a levy concession for a foreign domestic worker?2020-11-10T14:18:49+08:00

This is a reduction of the levy charges. It is usually given to employers of foreign domestic workers responsible for children under sixteen years and elderly persons of 67 and above upon meeting the eligibility criteria. 

Who is a Foreign Domestic Worker?2020-11-10T14:15:18+08:00

foreign domestic worker is an individual from outside your jurisdiction of citizenship who is being paid to run daily household tasks such as general cleaning, of the house, cooking, laundry, and caregiving related services to children and elderly dependents.  

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