Choose a Company’s name in Singapore

The selection of a company name is an extremely important matter. A well-chosen company name will allow a company to reap a great many benefits from such a name. Company names which have much appeal to a mass audience will cause more people to develop an interest in the company and thus compel them to become regular customers of the company. Conversely, companies which are not chosen wisely and have several problems in certain ways. A name which is not suitable for the business might end up driving potential customers away from the company, thereby leading to the company losing out on much profit and revenue.

Of course, before a company name can be selected, the company itself must be established. With regard to this matter, we at Paul Hype Page & Co can be of service to you. The ability and skills possessed by our respected incorporation experts will be put to use in order to ensure the successful registration and incorporation of your new Singapore company. We will also contact any necessary authorities which are connected to the registration of your company on your behalf.


Singapore Company Name Laws

In Singapore, there are certain laws pertaining to the names of companies which are established in the country. These laws specify the names which are permitted to be used as well as those which are not. All company names in Singapore are to be approved by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) before they may be put into use. The company names which are not allowed to be used by any company based in Singapore are names which are deemed undesirable due to

offensive or discriminatory elements of the name, names which are the same as or similar to that of any existing company in Singapore, names which are the same as or similar to that of any name which has already been reserved by any other Singapore-based company, and names which have been explicitly barred from use by any company in the country.

Since Singapore’s company name laws make no mention of the languages in which a Singapore’s company name may be, it is therefore reasonable to conclude that as long as the company name does not violate any of the legal regulations which govern all company names in Singapore, any name in any language may be accepted for use. However, there are also certain implications which accompany the selection of a company name in a language which is not commonly spoken in Singapore.

Implications of Selecting a Company Name in a Foreign Language

When selecting a company name which is to be in a foreign language, it is important to select one which has some level of universal appeal while at the same time is also able to be appealing to local customers. Company owners who select a foreign-language company name which has no effect on the Singaporean populace will soon find that their company will face many negative circumstances because of the failure to select an appropriate company name. It is also important to select a company name which does not have any possible negative connotations among most people in Singapore. Although a name might receive approval from ACRA, it does not necessarily mean that the name will be accepted by most people. It only means that ACRA deems the name to be suitable for use. Therefore, much care must be taken by any Singapore company owner who uses a company name which is not in one of Singapore’s primary languages.

It can therefore be said that it is crucial for any company owner in Singapore to put much thought into the selection of a company name. This fact holds true regardless of the language used for the company name. However, those who select a company name which is in a language infrequently spoken in Singapore must be especially careful when doing so because of the associated implications therein.