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Singapore’s national sport is eating, and the abundant options available at every corner is a testament to that. Therefore, there is no surprise that many enterprising individuals are planning to enter the food manufacturing industry and start a food business in Singapore. The question that remains is how to go about the process of set up your own food manufacturing company in Singapore.

Decide on your location and layout

The first concern when setting up your food manufacturing company is the optimal location and layout of your company. For example, a seafood manufacturing company should be in the vicinity of a fish farm or relevant fresh seafood suppliers. This helps in a reduction in time when transporting food products.

Incorporate your company

After you decide the location and layout of your company, it’s time to incorporate a company. The process of registering your company in Singapore requires a keen understanding of the requirements and the process. Business owners need to register with ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority). Thus, it is recommended that foreigners approach a trusted professional services firm, such as Paul Hype Page, to assist in incorporation and company set-up.

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Register with the relevant regulatory authorities

For the food manufacturing industry, there are additional authorities you will need to consult and possibly register with:

  • Singapore Food Agency (SFA)
    Regulates local food processing and storage establishments and conducts site inspections on food processing premises.
  • Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA)
    ICA regulates checkpoints. All imports and exports must be approved by ICA. This includes the materials for food processing, if you are importing ingredients directly from overseas, or if you are exporting your finished product out of the country.

Additional requirements will be mandated per your specific business functions, for full advice, Paul Hype Page can share our knowledge on the regulation in the Singapore market.

Hire staff and arrange logistical requirements

Hiring staff for your business is contingent on fulfilling the Ministry of Manpower’s (MOM) requirements. This is especially so for the hiring of foreign professionals. A MOM certified recruitment agency, Paul Hype Page can assist in your needs.

Arranging with suppliers for the transport of goods, your trucks, or engaging with a distribution channel, are all matters to be settled before beginning operations. If you are new to the Singapore market, Paul Hype Page can facilitate discussions with these key stakeholders of your business.

Ensure annual compliance and maintenance of regulatory requirements.

After you have registered your company, planned and started your business, received permission from the relevant authorities, set up your location, hired the right people, and laid the groundwork, you have finally begun operations. However, this is not the end of your compliance requirements.

Businesses are required to maintain annual compliance for financial records, maintenance, and various regulatory certificates. To keep track of all of this, and to have someone assist in helping you ensure compliance, engage Paul Hype Page, an experienced professional services firm, that can serve your needs and ensure your continued success.

How to open Food Manufacturing Companies in Singapore FAQs

Can foreigners open a food manufacturing company in Singapore?2020-11-05T16:34:26+08:00

Yes, any foreigner can launch a food manufacturing company in Singapore as long as they have the capital and resources for the business. 

What is the total cost of opening a food business in Singapore?2020-11-05T16:35:01+08:00

There is no fixed amount of capital for starting a food business in Singapore. However, you should consider the following when it comes to budgeting.

  • Rents
  • Living cost of Singapore
  • Labor costs

The amount of capital that you require to start a food business in Singapore highly depends on the size of the business that you want to start. You will roughly need around SGD 60,000-SGD 600,000 or more.

What is the consumer taste in the 21st century? What kind of food products should I produce?2020-11-05T16:33:36+08:00

Today, consumers prefer healthy food and snacks. It is worth to invest in Healthy Confectionery & Snack Manufacturing. 

What food products are manufactured in Singapore?2020-11-05T16:32:29+08:00

The food products that are manufactured in Singapore are:

  • Khong guan biscuits
  • Tiger beer
  • Boncafé coffee
  • Tiger brand soya sauce
  • Amoy canning canned products
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