Change of Outsourcing Landscape

Trends related to outsourcing around the world are always changing. Companies need to be aware of the changes in these trends so that they can leverage the information gained from them to outsource their own functions and services in the best and most effective ways possible.

The following are some of the trends which are expected to have much influence on and shape the outsourcing landscape of Singapore in the immediate future.


Skill Shortages

Many countries around the world have successfully managed to reduce their unemployment rates. Singapore is one such country. However, there are negative circumstances associated with this. In Singapore, many who would be suited to jobs involving outsourcing are already working different, unrelated jobs. This is because fields such as accounting and HR services are not as highly sought-after as they once were. This shortage poses a problem for companies seeking to hire new talent. Employers of Singapore may find it difficult to hire the necessary in-house talent, thus increasing the level of outsourcing required to be done by Singaporean companies. Singapore’s outsourcing standards might also suffer because more outsourcing might have to be done to more commercially viable locations in other countries.

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Corporate Strategy Alignment

One of the primary reasons for upcoming outsourcing of services is expected to be that of corporate strategy alignment. As the Singaporean economy could possibly fall on hard times soon, the country’s companies need to have a clear vision about how they expect to grow. This vision must be backed by an appropriate corporate strategy. By making suitable investments, business owners can cause their businesses to gain revenue and reach growth targets.

It is also necessary that when a business owner chooses a partner for outsourcing purposes, the outsourcing partner must have the requisite qualifications, skills, knowledge, experience, and expertise. The outsourcing partner should also be made aware of the company’s corporate strategy and general goals so as to be able to deliver the best possible results.

The Rise of Eastern Europe

Historically, the major destinations for outsourcing have been located in Africa, the Middle East, and especially the Asia-Pacific region. However, this may be about to change. Eastern European countries are growing in prominence as notable locations for outsourcing. This will have a significant impact on the outsourcing of services in Singapore because as a country in the Asia-Pacific region, Singapore might unfortunately lose much power as a key player in the world of outsourcing.

This is one reason why companies in Singapore should be encouraged to search within the country for the purposes of outsourcing. Doing so will keep Singapore’s outsourcing standards high and competitive, helping it cope with the new challenges from half a world away.


Security Concerns

In recent years, concerns related to security issues and outsourcing have increased. Thus, companies must be cognizant of these security concerns when they choose to outsource their services. Companies which fail to properly address security issues run the risk of outraging and alienating their customers, thus leading to reduced profits, lower levels of customer satisfaction, and a sullied reputation in the public eye. Failure to adhere to security standards also damages the reputation of Singapore’s corporate scene because Singapore prides itself on having some of the world’s best business operational standards of any country.

Outsourcing is important for every company. It saves companies much time and money, and it also eases much of the burden of company owners. However, company owners who do not understand how the outsourcing landscape is expected to change run the risk of causing their company to suffer in various ways. That is why acting appropriately towards the upcoming changes in the outsourcing landscape is vital.

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