Two of the work visas of Singapore which could be obtained by eligible foreigners are the Employment Pass and the Personalized Employment Pass. Due to their differences, there are some who might be considering the advantages of owning both of these visas at the same time.

Hold an Employment Pass and Personalized Employment Pass at the same time

The government of Singapore has provided various work visas which may be used by any foreigner who intends to work in Singapore. The government recognizes that the contributions which are made by Singapore’s foreign workers serve to boost the economic development of the country. The work visas which it supplies thus do much to compel foreigners to work in Singapore and in turn benefit Singapore’s business scene and economy. Two such business visas are the Employment Pass (EP) and the Personalized Employment Pass (PEP).


Employment Pass

The Employment Pass (EP) is the work visa which is most frequently issued in Singapore. It is primarily intended to be used by foreign professionals who have made plans to live and work in Singapore. There are specific criteria which must be fulfilled by any foreigner who plans to apply for an Employment Pass. A person who applies for an Employment Pass must earn a minimum of S$3,600 every month; however, this figure is increased for applicants who have a higher level of work experience or qualifications. An Employment Pass applicant must already have received a Singapore-based job offer and this job offer must be for a position which is an executive, managerial, or specialist role. It is also necessary for any Employment Pass applicant to either possess qualifications deemed to be acceptable or be a university graduate.

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Personalized Employment Pass

The Personalized Employment Pass (PEP) is another work visa which is available to foreigners who intend to work and live in Singapore. It is intended to be used by high-level professionals. One advantage inherent to the Personalized Employment Pass which is not applicable to the Employment Pass lies in the fact that the Personalized Employment Pass grants its holder additional flexibility to seek any employment opportunity in Singapore of the holder’s choice.

Either of two criteria must be fulfilled by one who intends to receive a Personalized Employment Pass. The first of these criteria is that of being a current Employment Pass holder who earns a minimum of S$12,000 every month. The second of these is that of being a foreign professional who has been working in another country with a most recent drawn monthly salary of S$18,000 or more.


Simultaneous Ownership of an Employment Pass and a Personalized Employment Pass

Due to the fact that one of the criteria for Personalized Employment Pass eligibility is that off being a current Employment Pass holder with a monthly salary of at least S$4,500, it can thus be concluded that it is not only possible but even relatively common for a person to be a holder of an Employment Pass and a Personalized Employment Pass at the same time.

Despite this fact, a person who owns both visas simultaneously may only do so for three years because that is the validity duration of the Personalized Employment Pass. Furthermore, a Personalized Employment Pass cannot be renewed; only an Employment Pass can be renewed. Once a Personalized Employment Pass is no longer valid, there are two options which are available to its holder. The first of these options is that of applying for an Employment Pass. However, as has been mentioned, it is often the case that a Personalized

Employment Pass holder is already an Employment Pass holder as well. Such people obviously are not required to apply for an Employment Pass if they already own a valid Employment Pass. The second option is that of becoming a permanent resident (PR) of Singapore; however, it is only possible for a Personalized Employment Pass to do so after a period of six months has elapsed.