Many Australians who live in Singapore today would like to save money on their mortgage. Singapore mortgage costs are generally more affordable than those in Australia.

Setting up a Business

We help Australian expats to save on their Mortgage interest by setting up a business for them in Singapore.

  • Create a Singapore business entity for Australia businessman hence having a mortgage rate lower than Australia

Objective is to Assist Australian to save on their Mortgage interest by setting their Business in Singapore

Solution :

Create a Singapore Business Entity for Australia Businessman hence they can have mortgage rate lower than Australia rates

We will help you :

  • Assess your Business Expansion and assess suitability of relocation to Singapore
  • Incorporation of Singapore Company and apply for Employment Pass
  • Calculate the interest saving for mortgage of your property
  • Assist in the smooth approval of loan approval

At Paul Hype Page & Co , we are a Singapore professional firm that not only take care of your company’s business expansion but at the same time on your personal financing needs. If you are paying 5% or more for your mortgage interest rates, we will assist you to get save $100,000 off your mortage saving