Building a business in a foreign country requires knowledge & information. Many firms face obstacles that we can provide quality administrative services to.

Corporate Support Services


Corporate Support Services

Building a business in a foreign country requires much knowledge and information about the country and culture, as well as the right personnel. Many foreign firms face obstacles-legal, taxes, hiring and management from start of finish. We provide high quality administrative services to organisations varying from top-tier multinationals to medium and smaller enterprises. Our corporate support services team can provide the following services:


Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT)

Paul Hype Page and Co also provides a one stop solution, an onshore company management service called build-operate-transfer (BOT). In this model, your firm contracts with us to build a shared service to operate your overseas business for a fixed interim period. The logic behind the BOT model: the offshore partner can initiate operations and reach operating stability much faster than it can with our in-house effort. A typical BOT is built and managed in three phases:


Our firm’s service provides you with a complete solution for building a presence in Singapore. You will have a dedicated staffs that helps to take care of all administrative and legal issues, from real estate, utilities, and permits, to computers, communications, and office supplies. We also provide the professional support such as Accountant, Lawyer and Marketing Manager to handle the more complex company issues.

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After the initial setting up phase, we will scope the set of daily operational management services, from HR and staffing, to accent training, accounting, payroll, legal, facilities, and security. The clients are able to focus their management time on their core business rather than on operational issues.

Option to Transfer

Our services will not lock your relocation or expansion plan in future. Your will have the option to bring the operation in-house at any time. Typically, our service contract includes a clause that states the client has the option to take over the entire operation after a fixed period. Our BOT model provides customers with bottom-line enhancement and fully offloaded costs, risks and ownership of the new venture. The risk of execution is minimized, and companies can spend their money on core functions.

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Need to seek Professional Help for formation of a company in Singapore? You don’t pay us by the hours, you gain from the Value we provide in that hour. Paul Hype Page & Co. is a leading consultancy offering several different corporate services / requirements to foreign entrepreneurs to incorporate their business in Singapore.

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