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Paul Hype Page & Co provides anyone who is interested with property investment products. Any investor seeking to invest will benefit from our products which have been recommended by many.

Property Investment Products

Create a good return for investors

At Paul Hype Page & Co., we set up the correct property finance structure to build our client’s wealth and retirement planning through property investment that generates capital gain and stable income flow. Paul Hype Page Investment Property Investment is not a passive property holding strategy , we purchase the office property in Singapore , operate as serviced office cum providing professional services business. Thereby providing the cash flow to sustain the interest payment and investment’s return. Upon the maturity of the investment period, sell off the property and business for capital gain and return to investor.

As part of of our Paul Hype Page Investment, we strive at assisting in setting up proposal for investors for investment gains or PR purposes:

1) Analysis and discuss on your investment object and assess if it align to our investment product

2) Introduction of Investment products and the expected rate of returns

3) Agree on the investment principal and signing of the investment agreement

4) Make regular returns based on the investment agreement

5) Upon Exit of investment , Return of initial investment and Capital

Note: For Foreigners who’s investment principal amount is more than $500,000, this enable you to apply and become a Singapore PR. For more , please make an appointment

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Paul Hype Page Property Investment Products FAQs

What is a unit trust?2020-06-22T11:14:46+08:00

A unit trust is a type of investment which is categorized as a collective investment. Unit trusts utilize just one fund which contains all involved investors’ money; this fund is overseen by one or more fund managers. Unit trusts only exist in 11 countries of the world; Singapore is one of these countries

Why is there a large variance in the validity perios of Singapore Government Securities bonds?2020-06-22T11:14:22+08:00

Singapore Government Securities bonds are valid from anywhere between two and 30 years. The reason for this large variance in validity periods stems from the fact that such bonds have multiple different purposes. Some investors may use these bonds to diversify their investment portfolio; others, for the purposes of holding a long-term investment; and still others, as a means of receiving a steady income.

How much foreign direct investment (FDI) does Singapore receive?2020-06-22T11:13:38+08:00

According to the latest statistics, Singapore received approximately US$77.65 billion in FDI in 2018. This figure reflects an increase from the previous year, which saw the country receive approximately US$75.72 billion in FDI.

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