If you have secured an employment pass (EP) to work in Singapore, you may be considering relocating your family to Singapore. For any children that are under your care, EP holders can bring their children into Singapore using the Dependent Pass, as explained below. Once you bring your children to Singapore, then they will have to attend school. The school you choose for your children will dictate the number of school fees that you will eventually pay for them. International schools are relatively expensive compared to their local institutions' counterparts.

What is Dependent Pass?

Dependent Pass (DP) is a family relocation visa issued to the spouse and unmarried children (below 21 years) of foreign employees holding a work pass of the type that is an Employment Pass or Entrepreneur Pass.

Who can apply for Dependent Pass?

You may be eligible to apply for a DP for your child, if you have a valid Singapore work visa, like an Employment Pass (EP Holder).

A separate DP application must be filed for each eligible family member. Applications can be lodged with the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) Singapore.

Various requirements are contingent on your work visa, these nuances are updating frequently, and it is difficult for individuals to keep updated on how to best ensure a successful application. Hence, it is wise to engage an advisor such as Paul Hype Page, with years of experience dealing with MOM and the related applications. We have built a good understanding of the systems in place and can help you in this process.

Once you have sorted the visa requirements out, the next concern will be their continued education. The Ministry of Education (MOE) manages the education industry in Singapore, and the admissions criteria and fees are regulated by them.

Want to Start business in Singapore
Want to Start business in Singapore

Student Pass

For university students, they may require an additional visa called the Student Pass. This allows them to continue studying in Singapore for the duration of their course, even if it exceeds their DP’s validity. The fees for universities in Singapore vary greatly. Factors that will affect the price include if it is a public or private institution, the degree you are taking, your major, and more. It is, therefore, best to contact the school directly for assistance in planning your child’s or your university finances.

Otherwise, a child on a Dependent’s Pass can freely enroll in local or international K-12 schools in Singapore. This is only true assuming they manage to successfully gain admittance into the school. Public schools in Singapore prioritize citizens primarily, hence getting into a public school can be difficult for international students.

Fees for 2020

The table below illustrates the fees for students studying in a public school in 2020. This does not include any fees specific to the institution. If you require more information about the fees for a specific school, you can contact them directly.


Level Nationality Monthly School Fee Monthly Miscellaneous Fee** Monthly Total Fee (Maximum) 
($) ($) ($) 
Primary Singapore PR 205 13 218 
IS (ASEAN) 465 13 478 
IS (Non-ASEAN) 750 13 763 
Secondary Singapore PR 380 20 400 
IS (ASEAN) 780 20 800 
IS (Non-ASEAN) 1,400 20 1,420 
Pre-University Singapore PR 460 27 487 
IS (ASEAN) 1,040 27 1,067 
IS (Non-ASEAN) 1,750 27 1,777 

School fees for Dependent Pass Holders FAQs

Who is eligible for a dependent pass?2020-12-14T11:28:07+08:00

A dependent pass is for under 21-years-old children to legally-married spouses who have Work Pass in Singapore and earn not less than S$6,000. Or legally adopted children. 

Can I renew my dependent pass?2020-12-14T11:27:35+08:00

A dependent pass is always valid for the same period as the main work pass. Therefore, you can only renew it if you renew the main Work Pass. 

How can I obtain a dependent pass in Singapore?2020-12-14T11:22:40+08:00

You can apply for a Singapore dependent pass if you meet the following qualifications:

  • If you hold an employment pass to Singapore.
  • If your monthly salary is no less than $ 6,000. Fixed salary and exclusive of other household income.
  • If you are sponsored by a Singapore-registered company.
Can a dependent pass holder attend school in Singapore?2020-12-14T11:18:33+08:00

Yes, dependent pass holders can freely enroll at any local or international k-12 school in Singapore. However, if the dependent holder is in college or pursuing higher education, then they should apply for a student visa. 

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