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Thinking about setting up a business in Asia? To set up business in Asia is the dream of many foreign entrepreneurs. Make sure you do it right when you venture into Asia’s market! this is the guide tailored made for you.

Much thought should be put into the expansion efforts of any organization, especially when incorporating a company in another region or country. Those who want to set up a foreign business in Asia should carefully consider in which the business is to be set up.

Many entrepreneurs from around the world have been seeking to set up a business in Asia. There are several factors to consider before one registers a company in an Asian country, including the types of business activities available in that country, the registration process of the country, and how to set up a business in Asia.

Asia is home to many countries that have growing economies. This is particularly true regarding the countries of South Asia and Southeast Asia. The fact that most countries in Asia are labor-intensive makes such countries appealing to foreign business activities. Those who follow the necessary processes of company incorporation of the country in question should find the process simple, especially if foreign business owners work with existing professional services in the country. Setting up a business in Asia is the dream of many foreign entrepreneurs, and by following the appropriate steps, it is possible.

There are several reasons why professional services are in demand from those who plan to set up a business in Asia. Providers of professional services will be able to supply their clients with extensive wealth and depth of experience and knowledge, particularly about matters such as those of incorporating a company, the registration process, and licensing and business permits.

Business in Asia

Licenses, Permits, and Company Directors

Every major country in Asia is full of business opportunities. Foreign and local business owners alike will be able to find success if everything is done properly. However, certain business activities in each country may require specific licenses and permits. The licenses and permits which are to be obtained by the business owner will vary depending on the industry of which the business is a part. Although receiving licenses and permits may sometimes be a tedious and drawn-out process, professional service agencies can be contacted by business owners who need assistance with obtaining any necessary licenses and permits.

Want to Start business in Singapore
Want to Start business in Singapore

Directors, Shareholders, and Company Secretaries

Anyone who has chosen to register a company in an Asian country must adhere to the country’s requirements about directors and shareholders as well as the criteria to be fulfilled by such people. In some countries, the director and shareholder can be the same person; in others, such may not be the case.

All Asian countries also have differing legal requirements related to the role of the company secretary. The company secretary is one of the most important employees in any company. Anyone who is tasked with the role must be able to handle the responsibilities that come with it.

All legal updates and resolutions passed by the organization will need to be correctly handled by the company secretary based on statutory requirements. There have been many instances in which companies have been punished because of the failure of the company secretary to comply with requirements. Thus, it is important to seek quality company secretary services.

Setting up a business in Asia

Registering a Company in an Asian Country

If everything is complete and all documents are in order, the registration process for the business should be completed in short order. The exact duration will depend on the authorities of the country in which the company is being registered. Foreign investors who have outsourced the task of registering a company in Singapore or any other country in Asia to providers of professional services will find that most necessary communication is now able to be conducted electronically.

Once the company has been established, the next step for the incorporated company will be to commence actual operations.

However, business owners should take note that the process of incorporation can sometimes be longer than what is initially expected, depending on extenuating circumstances.

Operational Overheads

Businesses in Asia will have to take into consideration factors contributing to operational overheads such as rental of premises, working spaces, equipment, and recruitment costs.

These are important operational aspects to be considered because such overheads will use up significant amounts of money. Business owners in Asia need to remember that they would still need to pay overhead costs regardless of the status and profitability of their business operations.

The costs of property rental depend on the country, the location within the country, and the size of the business. Business owners will need to seek out further information from real estate agents regarding the viability of these locations.

All things considered; business owners should have a sound financial plan instead of expecting the business to succeed as soon as it has been incorporated.


In any of Asia’s countries, employers should not find it difficult to recruit quality professionals from different sectors. Recruitment costs and the salary range of employees will vary depending on the level of experience of the employee in question and the requirements of a company.

A company will need to apply for any relevant work permits if it is to bring in employees from another country.

Outsourcing Considerations

As outsourcing becomes more integral to business owners, organizations should consider maintaining senior operations in any given country and leaving the minor details to professional consultancy services. Doing so reduces the overall expenses of the company.

Foreign business owners often opt to outsource daily operations to professional consultancies while only maintaining senior management on board in the new office. This is a perfectly viable business solution because of the ability of professional consultancies to provide local knowledge while helping to ensure the smooth operation of the organization.

Set up a business in Asia

Professional Consultancy Services

Professional consultancy services in Asia operate based on in-depth knowledge which will be relevant and crucial to those who are thinking of setting up a business in an Asian country.

Professional consultancy services can provide market assistance across industries to help incorporate companies in various industries. Their services mainly include market guides, statistics, research, and focus papers on different sectors in the country in which they operate. Professional consultants thus have the means to aid organizations in getting ready to set up a business in Asia.

Due to the difficulties involved in moving or expanding a business to a foreign country, consultancy services should be used to formulate a feasible business plan. An inadequate plan will lead to a high likelihood of failure. Thus, the consultancy service will ensure that the plan created will allow the relocation of a business in Asia to be done on time and lead to the business having an excellent chance of success.

Setting up Business in Asia FAQs

If I set up a company in Singapore, can I provide services anywhere in the world?2020-11-19T11:02:51+08:00

Yes, you can. 

Is English widely spoken in Asia?2020-11-19T11:02:36+08:00

English is widely spoken among the citizen of Singapore, Hong Kong, and Malaysia, which enables seamless incorporation for foreign companies. In Taiwan, the Taiwanese business community is fluent in English as well. 

Which country/ area has the lowest corporate tax rate in Asia?2020-11-19T11:02:19+08:00

Hong Kong. The corporate tax is 16.5%. 

What are the trending businesses in Asia?2020-11-19T10:53:08+08:00

What are the trending businesses in Asia?

Trending businesses in Asia are as follow:

  1. E-commerce
  2. Health food/ snacks
  3. Automation
  4. Gaming
  5. Healthcare
  6. Office Supply
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