Singapore Company Registration

There are various reasons why Singapore remains the top business destination in the world for 7 consecutive years. Its legal and regulatory infrastructure is clear cut and simple yet stringent enough that investors understand that their financials are always safeguarded. The country’s location and close proximity to some of the world’s biggest economies means that it is well poised for continued growth. Additionally, there are already existing world class businesses which have been set up in the country for years. Big names have made Singapore the home of their regional subsidiariesand many more are competing to get a head start in the country. In 2012, more and more multinational companies have set their sights on setting up offices in Singapore. Incorporating and registering a start-up in Singapore is relatively easy. If all requirements are adhered to and all documentation is submitted accordingly, the application should meet with success within the time frame of approval. If the company is looking into growth prospects or already in the position of robust finances, another option would be to register the Singapore incorporated company as its regional holding company.

Foreign investors could certainly do no better in Asia than to look towards Singapore as a respected jurisdiction which has the ability to safeguard businesses and ensure that all regulatory framework is upheld at all times. Foreigners who have set up businesses in Singapore and successfully made the transition from visitor to resident can vouch for the fact that the country welcomes innovation, creativity and productivity. Many of those who have come to Singapore for business purposes and on initial employment passes (EP) end up completing the transition and embracing residency in this country that is well regarded as peaceful and able to provide opportunities for all. In fact, this is one of the key success factors that point to the high number of expatriates turned locals into this country. Unlike other countries in Asia, Singapore is akin to a large metropolitan and thoroughly modernised city which offers all the conveniences that a person could wish for.

The reason behind operating a registered regional holding company in Singapore is simple. Amidst global economic uncertainty, Singapore remains one of the few in the world which is largely unscathed. What is even more amazing is the fact that it is still able to sustain itself where other more popular and well established economies falter. This confidence is well needed to boost investor and consumer confidence. By setting up a business and corporate office in Singapore, investors understand that they will be able to enjoy financial success and plan for growth. Additionally, many multinationals around the world find themselves in the situation of having to leverage their assets and ensure that their operations planning is maintained within budget. The highly competitive corporate tax system in Singapore will have the ability to aid in this endeavour. It is also one of the main draws for companies incorporation in the country.

The private limited company is the most common to be found in Singapore for registration purposes. For starters, this would be a good idea for new investors as they will enjoy limited liabilities. Additionally, dividends from shares would also be tax exempt under Singapore’s gratuitous tax scheme. Directors of the registered company can be either locals or foreigners but other requirements will need to be followed in adherence to the law. Once the company is registered with a Singapore address, the company can then proceed to open a Singapore bank account which would greatly help with accounting and financial matters. For investors who aim to stay and work in Singapore, there are various employment passes that he can choose from. Alternatively, it is also a good idea to opt for the professional services of accountants, tax and financial consultants who would be able to provide more information on the legality and existing framework when it comes to Singapore company registration.

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