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If you’re a foreign business owner in Singapore, there are 3 key things that you’ll need to know when it comes to payroll in Singapore.

1. Employee Central Provident Fund (CPF)

The CPF is one of Singapore’s mandatory social security savings scheme where both employees and employers contribute based on the salary. The employee is expected to contribute 20% of its gross salary, while the employer will contribute 17% of the employee’s gross salary.

infographic - Employee Central Provident Fund (CPF)

2. Community Funds

Aside from the CPF contributions, every employee is required to donate a small amount based on their monthly total wages to self-help groups in Singapore, unless they withdraw.

infographic - Community Funds

3. Tax Clearances

It is also Singapore employers’ obligation to do income tax clearance for all employees via Form IR8A. The Auto Inclusion Scheme (AIS) is also mandatory for all companies with 5 or more employees – all employers must submit their employee’s employment income for each year.

As such, employers need to know about income tax in Singapore. The current personal income progressive tax rate on employment income is from 0% to 24% for tax residents. For non-tax residents, it is a high flat rate of 15% or the progressive rate, whichever is higher.


The Singapore Employment Contract is a critical aspect when hiring local or foreign employees in your company as the Employment Act does not fully cover every employee. For instance, if you are utilising payroll services for both your in-house and outsourced workforce, the policies will be different for each type of worker. Thus, you will need to understand the Singapore Employment Contract to know your rights as an employer and what you should provide your employees.

infographic - Employment Act Part IV


We cover end-to-end payroll services in Singapore, including consulting and drafting of your employment contract to ensure all parties are well-covered. Whether you are a startup company or an established one that is in the midst of expansion, our payroll outsourcing can unburden your workforce with administrative tasks. Get to know more about our payroll services today!

Payroll Services in Singapore
  • Computation of gross and net salary
  • Partitioning of all contributions
  • Monthly & yearly reporting
  • CPF registration & GIRO setup
  • Payment of salaries and CPF with pay slips
  • Submission of Auto-Inclusion Scheme (AIS) with IRAS
  • Preparation of annual IR8A forms for tax submissions
  • Preparation of IR21, National Service Make-Up Pay (NS MUP), GML & CPF Refund
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To ensure that employees are well-protected, employers in Singapore have to fulfil these 6 requirements for a successful payroll management and avoid facing penalties from non-compliance.

Salary to be paid within 7 days after the period of salaried work

Pay slips must be itemised to include date of payment, basic salary and allowances, overtime pay, and other details – fines will be issued for non-compliance.

Your employee’s salary covers basic pay and work-related allowances. Food, housing, travelling, transportation, pension, expenses incurred during course of work, and retrenchment benefits are not considered under salary.

Ensure that all overtime pay is calculated accurately, while noting that employees cannot work more than 72 overtime hours a month. The rate for overtime pay starts from 1.5 times the hourly basic rate and must be paid 14 days from the last salaried day.

If your employee does not fulfil their monthly obligations, the salary will be prorated for the period of work.

Singapore employers must keep at least 2 years of employment records for every employee and ex-employee’s records to be kept for 1 year after leaving their role.


  • Avoid complications and complexities of payroll in Singapore
  • Peace of mind with payroll services that are fully compliant with the regulations
  • Stay updated with the latest legislative changes to the Employment Act
  • Worry-free payment to employees according to the breakdown of CPF, funds, etc.
  • Save time settling payroll and focus on revenue-generating actions
  • Reduce long-term overheads of hiring a full time employee and training them
Reasons to Outsource Payroll in Singapore

Outsource your payroll to us today.

Singapore Payroll Outsourcing FAQs

How much is payroll outsourcing in Singapore?2023-02-08T10:51:31+08:00

The rates for payroll outsourcing in Singapore may vary depending on size of the company or the number of employees they have. This is because larger companies with more employees will require more payroll to process compared to smaller companies. Talk to us today for more precise quotations.

Can I do the payroll myself?2023-02-08T10:52:09+08:00

Yes, you can. Some companies do have their own HR department to work on their payroll. However, training HRs and finance officers can be taxing to do, especially for startup companies. Hiring outsourced payroll services can be more convenient in this case.

Do employers pay taxes on payroll?2023-02-08T10:55:14+08:00

Yes, they do. Employers will be paying your taxes that are reflected in your payslip through payroll in Singapore. Talk to our specialists today to learn more about payroll.

Are payslips mandatory in Singapore?2023-02-08T11:18:59+08:00

Yes. Sending out payslips to your employees is mandatory in Singapore. Should you need help in preparing your company’s payroll, you may book our payroll services and outsourcing.

What are the holiday and leave requirements for payroll in Singapore?2023-02-08T11:27:12+08:00

Apart from the government issued holidays and leave requirements, payroll in Singapore may also consider the company policies about leaves. Thus, the requirements may be subjective and vary from one company to another.

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