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Singapore’s Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) is one of the work passes which will allow you to stay in Singapore. In this article, you will find information about the following categories:

  • Eligibility for Personalised Employment Pass
  • Conditions of Validity and Duration
  • Benefits – Job Flexibility and Dependent Privileges
  • Common asked questions about PEP

The PEP is for certain group of existing Employment Pass holders and overseas foreign professionals. Unlike an Employment Pass in Singapore, which must be cancelled when the pass holder leaves the employer, the PEP is not tied to the employer and is granted on the strength of the applicant’s merit. A PEP holder can remain in Singapore for up to six months between jobs to evaluate new employment opportunities.


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Eligibility for Personalised Employment Pass

Foreigners who wish to work in Singapore may be eligible for the Personalised Employment Pass if they are:

  • Overseas foreign professional whose last drawn fixed monthly salary overseas was at least $7,000. The last drawn fixed monthly salary overseas should not be more than six months from the time of the application.
  • Former P1 Pass holders who are residing overseas

Former P1 Pass holders should not be unemployed for longer than a continuous period of six months at the point of application.

  • P1 Pass holders
  • P2 Pass holders

P2 Pass holders that have worked on a P2 pass in Singapore for at least two years. They should have earned a fixed salary of at least $30,000 in the preceding year.

  • Q1 Pass holders
  • Q1 Pass holders that have worked on a Q1 pass in Singapore for at least five years. They should have earned a fixed salary of at least $30,000 in the preceding year.

Foreign graduates from institutions of higher learning in Singapore with at least two years’ working experience on a P or Q1 Pass. They should earn a fixed salary of at least $30,000 in the preceding year.

* The following groups of foreigners are not eligible for the PEP:

1.Foreigners who are issued with an Employment Pass under the Sponsorship scheme. Under this scheme, their direct employers are overseas companies which do not have a Singapore-registered office/business entity;

2.Foreigners who are working or intending to work on a free-lance basis without any direct employers in Singapore;

3.Foreigners who are listed as Sole Proprietors, Partners or Directors in a business/company registered with ACRA and are shareholders of that business/company.

4.Foreigners working as journalists, editors, sub-editors and producers.

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Conditions of Validity and Duration

Conditions of Validity

Maximum Unemployment Period: This cannot exceed six continuous months at any point. This applies to PEP holders working in Singapore as well as PEP holders working on overseas stints assigned by their employers in Singapore. PEP holders who intend to leave Singapore and work for employers overseas should cancel their PEPs.

Minimum Annual Salary: PEP holders must earn an annual fixed salary of at least $30,000 for each calendar year of the PEP. Requisite Notifications to MOM: PEP holders and their employers will need to keep MOM informed of each change in the PEP holders’ employment status (e.g. commencement or cessation of employment) and agree to make available to MOM information on their annual fixed salary. PEP holders will also need to notify MOM of any changes in their contact details viz. local contact person and address.


The PEP will be issued only once. It is valid for five years, and is non-renewable.

Note: The PEP holder is not allowed to start his/her own business or engage in any entrepreneurial activities. The holder must apply for an Entre Pass if he/she intends to do so.


Benefits – Job Flexibility and Dependent Privileges

Benefits – Job Flexibility

PEP holders can generally take employment in any sector. There may be some jobs where prior permission is required, and details will be made available. PEP holders are not required to re-apply for a new pass when changing jobs.
PEP holders are also given the flexibility of a continuous period of up to six months without a job to evaluate employment or work opportunities. They will not be required to leave Singapore during this time.

Dependent Privileges

PEP holders will continue to enjoy the dependents’ privileges of their original passes or current eligibility at the point of PEP application, whichever is higher. Those who switch to higher-paying jobs may apply for the corresponding dependents’ privileges. P1, P2 and Q1 Pass holders are eligible to bring his/her spouse and children under 21 years of age on Dependent’s Passes. A P Pass holder can also bring his/her parents and parents-in-law on Long Term Visit Passes.


Personalized Employment Pass in Singapore (PEP) FAQs

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We recognize the followings as “locally resident” – Singapore citizens, Singapore PRs, Employment Pass Holders & Dependant Pass Holders.

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