Singapore Company Incorporation with Paul Hype Page
Company Registration at Paul Hype Page Singapore

Any prospective entrepreneur or business owner in Singapore requires a local resident director and a registered address in Singapore for incorporation. The entrepreneur is not required to go to Singapore for the incorporation.

Many foreigners who want to incorporate a company in Singapore may faces 2 main issues:

  • Local Resident Director Requirement
  • Company Registered Address not PO Box Address

At Paul hype page, we will discuss and analysis the foreign entrepreneur business needs via a visa, tax and compliance cost view to give our recommendation.

Below are the 2 main options we will adopt.

Issues for incorporating in SG

Option 1: Incorporation and want to relocate to Singapore

At Paul Hype Page, we will incorporate the company using nominee service for 2 months and apply for your employment pass to relocate to Singapore. We discourage of applying for Entrepass Pass, please see below for comparison of Entrepass and Employment Pass for details.

Option 2: Incorporation and do not wish to relocate to Singapore

At Paul Hype Page, we will incorporate the company using nominee service for 1 year, agree on the nominee director agreement and open bank account to start business immediately.

We can assist you in the initial stage when you don’t have any staff in Singapore.

Our firm offers Corporate Support Management such as Accounting, HR Admin, Invoicing, Banking and Taxation.

For Entrepreneurs FAQs

Is EntrePass renewable?2020-10-26T09:34:13+08:00

Yes. EntrePass is renewable. 

Can a person own an Entrepreneur Pass and an Employment Pass at the same time?2020-10-26T09:33:15+08:00

The requirements for one to receive an EntrePass and an EP is different. This is because they are targeted at different groups of foreigners. Some of these requirements may even contradict each other at times. For this reason, a person cannot own an EntrePass and an EP at the same time. 

Are people of all nationalities eligible for an Entrepreneur Pass?2020-10-26T09:33:19+08:00

The Singaporean government has not imposed any nationality restriction on the EntrePass. Therefore, people of all nationalities are eligible for an EntrePass in Singapore. 

Is there any minimum salary requirement for the Entrepreneur Pass holder?2020-10-26T09:33:38+08:00

There are no salary requirements for one to obtain an EntrePass