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Foreigner setting up a company in Singapore

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Expatriates with Existing Employment

Are you currently living and working in Singapore and dream of starting your own business? If so, what is holding you back? For many expatriates, obtaining an Employment Pass, navigating taxes, and meeting the general requirements for incorporation, are areas of concern. Employment Pass Singapore work visas are the most sought after work pass visas in the region, and we can help you successfully apply for an EP even before your arrival in Singapore.

At Paul Hype Page, we can assist you in company formation while you maintain your current work visa. We will stand as your nominee director, supply company secretarial services, and provide a business address. Once established, we will assist in the tax and accounting of your business. Using our Incorporation and Employment Pass services, you can live your dream of self-employment in Singapore.

At Paul Hype Page & Co, Public Accountant, we will assist you in a smooth transition of transferring your existing work visa to your own company via our nominee services.

As per Singapore Company Law, you need a local resident director for the incorporation therefore we will incorporate your company using our nominee director services. After then we will ensure your approval of the transfer of your employment pass to this company. During the time period, it is advisable that you don’t resign from your current job.

Paul Hype Page Solution

Singapore employment pass

Singapore Incorporation with Employment Pass

Summary steps for the Incorporation with Employment Pass

Time req. ~21 Days

Summary Steps:

  1. Complete the incorporation information form (Day 1)
  2. Provide the foreign director and shareholder’s documents such as Passport and bill showing residential address (Day 1)
  3. Update Ministry of Manpower database on newly incorporated company (Day 2)
  4. Complete and Review the Employment Pass Application form with client (Day 3 to Day 7)
  5. Submit the Employment Pass Application to the MOM (Day 8)
  6. Notify the result of Employment Pass application (Day 15)
  7. Upon approval, appear for EP card collection ( Day 18 with a $250 card issuance fee)
  8. Transfer the nominee director and shareholder to the EP holder (Day 19 with $420 transfer fee)
  9. If Unsuccessful, prepare and gather information with client for the appeal and Submit to MOM (Day21)

Click here more information about Singapore Incorporation with Employment Pass.

How can I operate my own company while still keep my current job & employment pass

As you are current already holding an employment pass, you can engage our nominee director service for 1 year together with our corporate management support service where we can assist you in running of daily operation of company.

Having another director will help to explain that the company is run by other director compare to sole director and shareholder. As such, you do not violate your current employment visa where you are not supposed to work for other company.

To know more , please see Corporate Support Services

FAQ on Employment Pass

1.  With respect to the employment passes and dependent passes, once they get issued, how long do we have before we need to collect them and enter Singapore?

Once they get issued, approximately 3 months before we need to collect them and enter Singapore

1b)) Should I resign from my current job ?

Please do not resign from your current job as it will decrease your chance of getting your Employment Pass approval


1c) Must I form a company before applying for employment pass?

Yes, you need to form a company first before applying for the Pass as MOM required a company for the application. It will take about 7 days  to update the new company into MOM database.


2. Will I even need to appoint an external company secretary ?

Yes, you need to appoint an company secretary as per ACRA company Act.

It is  advisable to appoint an external company secretary like our firm hence we can ensure that the right filing and keep track any changes that happened.

Further, appointing us as your company secretary once company is formed is crucial as company secretary we are position to sign off MOM EP application submission, appeal and etc.

It will reduce time lapse on your  EP application.


3. Does it matter if Employment or Dependent pass holders are also shareholders?

It doesn’t matter either Employment or Dependent pass holder being a shareholder.


4. Can I open the company bank account after I enter Singapore, or does it need to be done at time of company formation?

You can open a company bank account upon only after getting your EP.

5. Can your firm do the company financial accounts and the company audit?

Yes, Paul Hype Page & Co is a certified public accountant hence we are able to do the company financial account and company audit.


6. Required Documents for Employment Pass application?

  1. Applicant’s Education certificates
    Additional document(s) are required for:
    Diploma or Degree qualifications from India -Transcripts & Mark sheets Diploma or Degree qualifications from China -Certification of Graduation
  • Applicants who hold non-English documents or certificates are required to submit a copy of the original  papers and the official English translation done by a certified translator, High Commission/Embassy or notary public.
    Note: English translation is not required for verification proof of education certificates obtained from China

Solution & Service Fees

You have a day job but seek greater opportunities for business. Alike you, our founders began their business while gainfully employed. Partners at our firm began as Certified Public Accountants at big four firms, living and working abroad. Over time, the business grew and our partners left their accounting firms in favor of their own. That is what makes Paul Hype Page & Co. different from the competitors. Aside from our CPA certification, we at Paul Hype Page & Co. understand your business needs.

Paul Hype Page & Co. offers a variety of services beyond corporation. We offer administrative, accounting, and tax support, so that you may continue your current job while establishing your own company. Should your application for incorporation or an Employment Pass be rejected, we will write your next appeal. Our goal is to provide the support you need in the every stage of your business, so that you too can enjoy the benefits of self-employment.

At Paul Hype Page, you don’t pay us by the hour. You gain from the value in that hour.

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Package for Foreign Entrepreneurs Relocating to Singapore
Company Incorporation with Employment Pass
Company RegistrationS$800
Acra Registration FeeS$315
Appointment of Company Secretary (for 1 year)S$600
Application for Employment Pass (EP)S$800
Nominee Director (for 2 months)$400
Registered Office Address (for 1 year)S$240


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