Enjoy living and working in Singapore? Expatriates in Singapore who are RETRENCHED are able to extend their stay in Singapore for another 18 months.

Our solution can be in progress WHILE YOU ARE STILL HOLDING ON TO YOUR CURRENT JOB. For most, the process can be difficult and off-putting.

Paul Hype Page and Co are able to assist you in navigating your way to START YOUR ENTREPRENEURIAL CAREER.

  • Summary steps for the Incorporation with Employment Pass
  • How can I operate my own company while still keep my current job & employment pass

Retrenchment in SG

When an expatriate on an employment pass is retrenched, they have 30 days to leave the country.


Our solution

Incorporation with employment pass allows an expatriate to have 18 months to staying Singapore to launch your entrepreneur career or find a new job if you change your mind during your entrepreneurial journey. Hence, Expatriates in Singapore are able to extend their stay in Singapore by incorporating a company WHILE STILL HOLDING ON TO YOUR CURRENT JOB.


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