A foreigner who intends to bring along one or more family members when migrating to Singapore must obtain either an Entrepreneur Pass (EntrePass) or Employment Pass (EP), then apply for Dependent Passes (DP) for each family member to be brought to Singapore.

Paul Hype Page & Co Chartered Accountant who specialize in assist foreign business and foreigner in relocating to Singapore. Our advices ranging from company taxation, Incorporation to Visa application. Our job is to ensure that your transition to Singapore is a smooth ride. Furthermore, unlike Migration Company we are professional accountant who is able to assist in your yearly company’s compliance, personal tax and PR matters.

Migration to Singapore

Investment via Product Investment scheme

In most situations we come across, the applicant already have a successful business overseas hence it may not be willing to relocate his business to Singapore. However, he may still want to become a Singapore PR. In this situation, we will suggest a passive investment product where a minimum guarantee principal investment of $500,000 over 3 years. Under this scheme, if successful, the applicant may be able to obtain his PR within 1 year.

Benefits of the scheme

  • Guarantee of a fixed 5% or higher rate of return of property investment
  • Applicant need not relocate his business or job  to obtain his Singapore PR
  • Applicant family’s members are able to relocate to Singapore within 1 month